A Beautiful Lie ( A Fantasy)

Okay sorry I haven't posted this in awhile!! I had writor's block and been very busy writing my other story. Anyways I decided to make it a story. I'll be posting or at least try to post every weekend.

Comment if you're still interested in reading the rest of the story!

Chapter 2


by: Today_
It was sunny outside, and I was on top of cliff staring down at the beautiful shining water.
"Evelyn!" I heard a voice whisper. I turned around and no one was there.
"Evelyn!" The voice teased again. This time I turned around, and ran.I stopped and gasped in pain.I looked down and I was bleeding. Before I could even do anything else.......I passed out..........
My eyes fluttered open. It was just a dream Evie, just a dream. I ran my fingers through my hair, and looked at the window; it was open. I thought I closed it. I sighed and got up and shut it, making sure I locked it to.
I looked at the clock and it was 3 am. I didn't want to go back to sleep, so I dragged my blanket down the stairs, grabbed a pop-tart, and laid on the couch. I was watching reruns of The vampire Diaries. My eyes started closing, but I fought the urge to keep them closed. My eyelids were heavy, and I sighed.
I was in a castle like place. There was a woman, who looked like me, but way older. Then there was a man who had my eyes and blonde hair. They looked happy together, and they held a baby in their arms. I looked at the baby, and gasped.........that was me.

End of Dream
~1 month later~
I looked at the clock and it was 7 am now. I got up, and decided to shower. I changed into (http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=22149285)
I put a knit cap on, and left my bangs out. I went downstairs to find Sam. Ever since I saw the lady he never let me out of his sight.
“What a surprise.” I joked. He chuckled, “Nice to see you too.”
I smiled, “What are we going to do now?”
“A walk?”
We went for a walk. And I couldn’t stop thinking of the dreams I’ve been having they were weird.
“Why so serious?” He asked as he wrapped his arm around me. I took it off though.
He frowned, “She’s not coming back I promise you she’ll never lay a hand on you ever again
“How would you know?”
“I just know. Come on be the Evie I know and love.”
I sighed, “I don’t think she’ll be able to come back. I’ve been having these weird dreams I think it’s from watching to many movies, but they kind of freak me out.”
“What dreams?”
Sam had to leave, and I took the chance to go to the Cliffs.The sun was setting and it was the most beautiful thing. I sat at the edge of the cliff, and took off my cardigan, and knit cap. I heard a noise, and immediately got up.
“Look behind you.” A familiar voice said. I did and I saw the water below. I turned back around, and almost lost my balance at the sight of her.
“You never seem to learn, do you?” She asked.
"Leave me alone." I whispered as I managed to get past her. She grabbed my arm and dug her nails in. I used all my strength to get her hand off me, and she fell. She was holding onto the cliff.
I walked up closer to her, and she grabbed my hand, and we both fell into the water. I gasped for air, because now a days it was cold, which meant that the water was freezing of course!
I got to the surface, and tried to swim to shore, but....

Ava's p.o.v
I held onto a doll. This doll belonged to her. She's dead now. I wiped the tears, and tucked the doll into bed.
"Goodnight, Maggie. I always loved you no matter what."
I then left my room, and saw Alexis her eyes were a white color. I knew someone was in trouble. She blinked and her eyes went back to a chocolate brown.
"Oh no." She muttered as she grabbed my hand and dragged me into Alec's 'office' where Sam and Alec were.

Sam's p.o.v
The door flew open and Alexis came in with a very confused........and oh wow was Ava crying?
I looked at Alexis who seemed paler than usual.
"Evelyn is in trouble!" She shouted.
Ava rolled her eyes, "I thought this was important."
Alexis looked back at Ava.
"Alyssa isn't too well either."
Ava's eyes widened. "What happened?"
"I don't know, but we have to go.........NOW!"
Ava turned into an owl and flew out of the house.
I arrived, and I found Evie laying on the shore. She was all bloody!

Evelyn's p.o.v
A Voice shouted. Once he was close enough, I realized it was Sam. I tried to get up, but seemed to be getting weaker and weaker by the second.
"Alyssa!" A woman's voice cried. I could see a woman with brown hair and brown eyes, and another one holding her saying, "She's in a better place now."
Sam sat down by me and cradled me in his arms, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked him in the eyes, "Please stay with me."I begged and it came out as a whisper.
"I'm not going anywhere."
I dug my head in his chest, "I love you Sam."
"I love you too, Evie."
I hope he knew that I loved him in a non-brotherly way. "Sam?"
"When I die...please don't burn me into ashes because...eventually someone will spill me and I'll be all over the............place.”
Sam's p.o.v
I smiled at her words, but it immediately faded when I heard her heart stop beating.....
Okay I know she's the main character and can't die...........but who knows?
What will she be if she ends up alive? Who is she?
Anyways please tell me what you think, and if I should still continue this!!

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