A Beautiful Lie ( A Fantasy)

Okay sorry I haven't posted this in awhile!! I had writor's block and been very busy writing my other story. Anyways I decided to make it a story. I'll be posting or at least try to post every weekend.

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Chapter 4

The Big Rescue

by: Today_
Then there was a crash downstairs...........Sam shot me a look, and immediately got up.Angela ran down the stairs to see what it was. Sam and I followed. My eyes widened it was..........wait what the hell is it?
It looked like a deformed dragon, but it wasn’t big big like they usually are probably the size of truck. And it gave me the creeps every time I looked at it. My parents were huddled in a corner horrified.
“What the….” I trailed off. It turned around and it’s eyes were pitch black. It was all scaly.
Angela held on to me, “Please tell me I’m dreaming.” She barely managed to say. The creature came closer to me until I could feel it’s warm breathe on me.
“Angela go hide.” I whispered.
“Not unless you come with me we have to tell the police!”
I laughed though it had to humor to it, and Sam gave me a weird look.
“Tell them that there is a beast in my living room……ok you do it and see what they do.”
I had to shove her lightly and she ran to where my parents were. The creature hissed, and aimed it’s claws at me, but before it could do anything Sam pushed me out of the way. He was on top of me, “Don’t move. I’ll take care of this.” He whispered.
“But….” I began. He cut me off, “Don’t move.” He repeated as he got off from me.He gave me a warning look, because knowing me I usually don’t listen to him. I got up, and if I could kill Alyssa, god knows what she was, then I think I could handle this creature? Wait…..didn’t I drown to death?
“I’m dead?” I muttered to myself. Then there was a roar right behind me.
“Evie it’s right behind you!” Angela shrieked.
I am now, I thought to myself as I turned around to look at it. Then it shrieked, and it’s tail was hitting the walls aiming for Sam. And there was a staff sticking out of his body…gross. It used to be my dad’s staff he used to pretend he was king while my mom and I laughed. I took the chance, and ran to the kitchen. Would a knife work? As I was looking in the knife drawer, something appeared on the counter. I gasped that was Alyssa’s staff, it was gold, it had a very sharp point, a diamond at the top, and some foreign words written on it. Freaked out, I picked it up. I could already see the monster cornering Sam. I concentrated and threw staff as if it were an arrow. I sighed in relief as the monster backed up, and seemed to be breathing hard. It used all it’s strength and used it’s tail to throw me out the window. I landed on my knees, and winced there was a glass stuck in the palm in my hand.
Sam came rushing to me, “You have good aim…….I thought you sucked at it.”
“I concentrated……..and thanks?”
He chuckled, and looked at my hand.. He took it out, and I winced. My eyes widened as my hand healed immediately.
“What the…..”
Sam helped me up.The same guy from earlier appeared. He commanded Sam to take me back to the castle.
“But my parents were just attacked by a big creature! They are going to be confused…” I began.
“We put a spell on them to make them forget what just happened. They think you just left to college already.”
“I thought I was dead.” I muttered.
“You were.” He replied as we arrived at the castle.
“Long story, come inside and we’ll tell you.”
He just grabbed my hand and pulled me into the main room where there was a girl my age who had copper hair with another woman beside with black hair and she wouldn’t stop glaring at me.
“Nice to see that you understand.” A voice said from behind.. I turned around to see the guy from earlier.
“Who are you guys?”
“I’m Alec, my sister Alexis, and Ava.” He said as he introduced us.
“Aren’t I supposed to be dead…. I mean I drowned, didn’t I?” I asked.
“Yes, you did. You killed Alyssa right when we needed her.” Sam explained.
“I didn’t mean to. I….I tried to swim away from her, but the staff it appeared……and I stopped it from stabbing me….that’s why she got stabbed…..and that’s when I started to panic and drown.”
“The staff?” Alec muttered, but it came out as a question.
“Evelyn, you killed a Goddess, and you would have been dead by now, but we need you.” Alec said.
“Need me for what?”
“There’s going to be a war between good and bad. We are on the good side, and are outnumbered so far……..and we need you.” Sam explained.
“So your telling me you guys are supernaturals?”
“Yes, I’m the protector of mankind a long with my sister. Ava is the goddess of any flying creature.”
I turned to Sam, “And you?” I asked curious. He just smirked at me, “You don’t need to know.”
“I’m human, what can I do?”
Ava laughed, “Stop lying to us! We all know your not human!”
“Ava!” Alec warned. She huffed.
“So I replaced Alyssa.”
“Yes, and you have her powers as well. And until we find out what exactly you are, you’ll keep them.”
I was stilled confused to be honest. I was in my new bedroom, writing down my dreams just in case I would need them sometime. The door opened and Sam came in.
“What’s up?” He asked.
“The sky.” I muttered as I put my journal away. My cell phone started ringing Dirty little Secret by All the American rejects, it was Angela calling.
“Go ahead.” Sam told me. I grabbed it and answered it.
Phone Convo:
Angela: breathing hard…..Help me…..the thing it’s back…help!
Me: looks at Sam What thing?
Angela: The big creature! It’s horrible and it’s in my house!!! Please I’m scared as hell!
Me: Don’t move I’ll be right there.
I hung up the phone, and quickly ran to the exit. Sam stopped me.
“You’re not going anywhere.”
“That’s my friend who is in trouble and you expect me to not help her!” I growled trying to get out of his strong grip.
“It’s a trick!”
“What if it’s not! I’m going let her die without even trying. What kind of friend would I be then?” I shouted.
“Yell all you want , but you’re not getting out of here.”
I huffed knowing he wasn’t going to give up, but I was going to help Angela whether he liked it or not.
“I hate you.” I muttered crossing my arms in front of my chest. He grabbed my chin and pulled it up so I can look at him.
“You don’t hate me Sweetie, you just think you do.”
I rolled my eyes at him, and laid down on my bed screaming into a pillow, very childish, yet it helps a lot when your mad and need to let it out.
He laid down next to me.
Go to sleep.”
I smiled, “Ok.”
He wrapped his arms around me probably to make sure that I wouldn’t escape. As soon as he was fast asleep which was like 10 minutes later I carefully got out of his grip, and ran to Angela’s house. I quietly climbed up her window. She sighed in relief when she saw me.
“I’m scared…..Evelyn……don’t leave me.” She said.
“I won’t I promised.” I told her as I grabbed her hand. I gasped as she evaporated into thin air. Then the door opened, and two zombie looking twins grinned at me. I jumped out the window, and landed on my feet. They did the same, and I knew I had to run or I’d probably die. I could hear there roars, they were hungry. Then I did the most stupid thing,and tripped. I landed on my back, and one of them jumped on me. It’s saliva was dripping all over my jacket. It’s hands reached for my face, but I tried to push him off me……..but it was too strong. I closed my eyes…not wanting to see it’s face. Then there was a sound, and I felt weird. I gasped when I opened my eyes I saw……..

Did she get bitten, or did something else happen??
Tell me what you think should happen!

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