A Death Eater's Wish(Draco Love Story)

I'm ecstatic
I feel the magic
It's everlasting
The dream you hear about
and never truly think its realistic till it blows your mind
I never thought I could understand
I was searching me
and now I finally see

(My world can never be the same now that you took my hand and never let go)
You never really know love until you actually see it & feel it with your own two eyes

Chapter 2

If it's a Crush, don't hold back

by: Kailiee
I listened but my mind suddenly felt someone's hand cover mines on the bench. I looked at the plush covering and saw my hand being covered by a pale hand. It was Malfoy's and it was surprisingly warm. He began to squeeze softly and I flinched. I peeked at his face and saw nothing but content. I returned to Dumbledore but he had finished and there was food piled high on the plates. I began to grab my food, placing it on my plate, and eating. When everyone seemed full, we stood up and left to our dormitories. I left with Karin and Sari and but Sari was only in Slytherin so we had to say goodbye to Karin. We hurried to get our luggage and go towards our rooms. I saw Malfoy go in with Pansy and I saw she had a frown on her face. I shook it off, she seemed like a person who loved seeing sadness, but it was her turn to feel sad. We picked a room together and our beds were side by side. I changed and decided to go back to the common room to get comfortable and write to my mom. while I was writing, I heard small footsteps across the floor and then nothing. I turned and Malfoy covered my mouth, because obviously I was going to scream. I closed my mouth when I saw it was him and stared at him curiously. He placed a finger over his lips and I nodded my head. I heard more footsteps and then a slam. Malfoy turned and let go of my face and began talking, What are you doing up? and I looked at my letter and said Not trying to find a way to kill you, if you think I am. He smiled and it was my turn to smirk and said Well I'm sending a letter to my mom, what are you doing up?, while poking his chest. He took my hand in his and said Hoping you were up, I was blushing and said Well you couldn't have if you were so into Pansy. He shook his head and said You think I actually like that spoiled brat and it was my turn to be rude, Well obviously, she's been following you like a puppy. i think i pushed him and he pushed my hand away and something was wrong with me because I actually felt pain from being rejected by MALFOY. I felt my face fall and I stood to leave not wanting to be seen like this. Malfoy stood with me and took my hand and said No, please don't go, but as I stared into his eyes I knew I had to leave, but I just couldn't. I couldn't get loose from his stare because it was staring right through me. Malfoy inched closer and pulled me closer, I was held by his gaze but I felt my heart accelerate at his touch. I wanted to kiss him, I wanted so much for him to kiss me but I heard a loud clearing of someone's throat and it was Rachel Heggens, a friend of Pansy's and she was surely pissed. I held my letter close to my heart and turned away from Draco feeling his hand slide off my shirt and briefly touching my skin. I couldn't look back for fear of doing something that would kill Rachel just by looking. I felt tears choke me as I climbed the stairs and lay in bed fighting the urge to drown in tears. I closed my eyes but no sleep came and I woke to a distant sound of an alarm and Draco's face in my head. The sound of Baby It's You sounded off breaking my attention. that was my song and it seemed like it was my cell phone. I looked at it and it was a text but since I had bad reception here, there was no way I could send one back. I laid it back down and got up to get ready. I got dressed and placed my hair in a ponytail with a ribbon and a bow clip. I wasn't ever going to get used to these uniforms. I grabbed my bag of books and me and Sari went to classes, separately at first but we met in between. I had some classes with Draco but I refused to look at him, not now while we were surrounded by so many people. He caught up with me during my last class and we were all alone on a hallway near the girls bathroom. Why are you doing this to me? he said and I became frustrated because he was doing something to me, not the other way around. I'm not doing anything, I said as I turned on him and he stood back and said You can't deny what was going on last night, and I said Your right but I'm not denying it, I'm thinking about it.

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