Life as a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid

Life as a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid

Comment for chapter 2 pls. If u took the halloween 30 mins in heaven everyone except the medusa hybrid is in here sometime. :) yes that means keith with the tail. Age group. Aphrodite: 2101 yrs old. Apollo and I: 1699 yrs Jheus and Archy: 1580 yrs old. Enjoy : )

Chapter 1

The bus ride

Intro: Hi, the name's Artemis Wolf. I'm a 16999 (16) year old vamp/werewolf hybrid. My birthday is coming soon and I'm dreading the day. My younger brothers (who are twins), Jeheus (J-he-us) and Arcinine (Arc-en-9 I call him Archy), They can be really annoying. My older sister, Aphrodite is married and 21000 years old. I have a twin brother who is a minuet older than me named Apollo. My father is in the royal family of the wolf tribe. His name is Acreseus (A-cre-see-us). My mother Asoca (A-so-ca), is the princess of the vampire clan. So you can tell I have some royalty in my family line, but really I just want to stay away from that crap. Sadly father is forcing us to goto Ghoul school. Its a school for monsters. Our biggest competition is Monster High. Aphrodite doesn't have to go cause she's 21. She's also married to a vampire that's living with her. So I'm really hoping school isn't going to suck. Aphrodite and mom look almost exsactly alike. White hair and red eyes. Dad has brown hair and yellow eyes. He's tall and quite charming! Apollo and I have black hair, red eyes, and more of a vamp personality. Jeheus and Archy have white hair and yellow eyes.


BEEP. BEEP. I groaned. The sound kept echoing in my room like thunder. After a couple of minuets, I slammed my alarm clock off. Five o'clock in the afternoon and I'm still tired. I walked out of my room shuffling my feet to Aphrodite's part of the house. I knocked on her door . "Aphrodite! Aphrodite! Get up!" No answer. I shrugged and opened the door and let myself in her room. She was no where to be seen. I saw a note on her bed and read it.
Sorry I'm not here, had to leave for collage with Terrance. Have a good day at school!

Great, just great. I threw the letter away and ran downstairs, into the kitchen. I grabbed a box of cheerios and pored some into the bowl full of blood milk. I sat down at our wooden table staring at the window. The kitchen was bland as usual. White walls with tiles that have flowers on it. Aluminum counters and sinks, including the refrigerator. Copper floors that glow where you set your foot.
"Hey! Get your fricken foot out of my face!" A husky voice yelled. I sighed. Archy and Jeheus were fighting. Again.
"Archy! Jeheus! Knock it off!" I yelled. I decided to get their cereal ready while they rolled into the kitchen.
I saw Archy's head pop in and he grinned at me. "Hey sis! Thanks for...." he tossed Jeheus at the door "making breakfast."
I nodded then helped Jeheus off the ground. "Now no more fighting, you can do that while we wait for the bus in ten minuets." He nodded then sat at the table across from Archy.
A couple minuets later, Apollo strolled in with his eyes closed. I'm kind of mad because he has the ability to see with his eyes closed and can't. "Morning." He grumbled. We waved at him, but he grunted and grabbed an orange out of the fridge. I sighed whiled eating my cereal.
"Sooooo do you hope to get a boyfriend the first day of school sis?" Archy questioned. The guys snickered a little.
"Not really." I sighed back. I never really had good luck finding a boyfriend. They should know that.
"Aw don't worry sis, I'm sure your going to find the right guy this century!" Jeheus added trying to comfort me.
"Thanks bro." I looked at him. Jeheus smiled. I can all ways count on him to make me feel better. I finished the last of my cereal and packed my bag. "Two minuets till we leave!"
Next thing I hear, "Out of my way!" And. "Hey thats mine!" Or, "Move!" And zoom! They're gone. I sighed and followed them slowly. When I got there Jeheus and Archy were fighting on the ground and clawing at each other like cats and dogs. Apollo was under a tree reading. I sat down on the curb and started throwing rocks across the dark and empty street.
The bus came five minuets later and this was no ordinary bus. The bus was black with yellow letters saying Ghoul School. Thats the school we go to. Dad didn't let us go to Monster high because he said we didn't have a chance there. The door opened and immediately a foul smell emanated from the bus. The twins ran pushing each other with Apollo following. The driver was staring at me with all six eyes. "Well come on, we don't have all night!" I sighed and went in.
Everyone was staring at me as I walked by. I waved a little and smiled. I found a seat next to some hottie with a tail. "Um can I sit with you? everywhere else is full." He nodded and moved his bag. I sat down quietly looking away from him.
"So you new here?" I looked at him and nodded. "Figures." I was completely confused. "Anyways, the name's Keith, I'm a going to help you around school."
I smiled. "Thank you."
He smiled back. "Your welcome." He paused. "So you got a name?"
He grins "Like from the Greek legends?" I nodded. "Cool." I blushed. "So I'm guessing the twin hybrids are more wolf like and your twin has a vamp characteristic?"
"Yeah we both do. And they're my family." I replied.
More kids came on the bus. "I know. You're the Wolf Family right?" I nodded. "Thats what I thought. My mom is a close friend of your dad."
He smiled at me. I can't believe my luck! Some uber hottie talks to me and understands me!
"Oh and your locker is next to mine. And you have most of the same classes as I do." He adds as he hands something to me. "Heres your classes for the first quarter and a map for the classes I won't have with you."
I smiled. "Thanks."
He nodded. "So, uh, do you play anything?"
"Cool. Have you ever heard of Escape the Fate?" He holds up a CD case.
"Yeah, love that band!"
He smiles. "My bro is in that band. They wanted to be Escape the Fangs but sense they had a human manager they had to go with fate."
"Thats cool." I added. "So how much longer are we on here?"
"Well school doesn't start for another three hours and the bus ride is an hour or two. so we're going to be on here for a while." I sighed but let the problem dissolve into dust.
"Hey Keith! Who's your girlfriend? You gonna make a move cause your a hybrid to!?" Some stupid jock yelled then snickered.
I saw Keith's hands ball up into fist. He looked at me then blushed. I laid a hand on his fist and whispered, "I got this." he looked at me confused but shrugged. "Hey! Idiot! Leave him alone! We're not going out and he's just a friend!" Keith mumbled something I couldn't hear. "Anyways, I'm quite sure your just jealous that he's got balls and you don't!" The bus went dead silent and Keith was giving me the crazy look of ARE YOU NUTS!?
The jock got out of his seat, walked over to me, and pulls me out of mine. "Listen new kid. Nobody disses me like that." He slams me on a window. "I'm going to teach you a lesson." He held his fist back but before he could punch me, I kicked his balls and he fell to the ground. He was moaning in pain so much, I all most cried. So I sat down in my seat reading a book ignoring the idiot and all the stares I was receiving.
Keith was staring at me then he pressed a button on the seat that made a tent around it. The seat turned into a twin size bed. It must be bigger on the inside after the button is pressed. "Um, thanks Artemis."
"No problem." I kept reading while he kept staring. The tent was still up. "Um what are these tents for anyways?"
"Oh nothing really. Most people use it for kissing or getting their business done if you know what I mean." He sighed then pressed the button and the tent went down.
A few minuets went by awkwardly. I sighed then looked at him. I never really bothered to look at him but he had the most gorgeous purple eyes I have ever seen. His hair was purple just like his eyes with a bang covering his right eye. He wore mostly black clothes and has a brown tail. He had a tan which made him really cute. "What are you staring at?"
My cheeks went red. "N-nothing." He gave me a funny face while more kids were getting on at the next stop. "OMG I just remembered something!" I started digging in my bag then pulled out a picture of me around sixteen-hundreds I think. I showed it to him. "Do you remember her?"
His eyes went huge! "Yeah I remember her, she was my best friend until she disappeared." I thought my heart skipped a beat. "I hunted for her for days..... never found out what happened though. Why do you ask?"
"Well, that girl is me." I smiled weakly at him.
He stared at me then the picture. He did that for a few minuets. He looked at me and smiled. I thought this wouldn't happened, he hugged me. "I've missed you so much!" He held my shoulders in both hands. "Never leave me again. Promise?"
I smiled at him and hugged him back. "I'm not leaving, promise."
I heard a few aws! and they're such a cute couple! It almost made me sick.
Keith was just smiling so it made me feel better. Next thing he asked I almost fainted. "Hey Artemis?"
"Yeah?" I flipped a page in my book.
"Well I know this is all of a sudden, but sense we've known each other for ages I was wondering if you wanted to go out."
The bus went dead silent. I heard a few girls go, What!? He wants to go out with her!?
I just chuckled silently. "Sure why not?" He smiled and kissed my lips. He tasted so sweet! I thought I was never going to let go of him. I felt his bushy tail wrap around my waist. It seemed like he got warmer by the minuet.
"Get a room will ya!?" Archy yelled.
I giggled a little. Keith pressed the button and heard, "Wow the first day and they want to get busy." We stopped kissing and looked at each other. Keith smiled and started kissing my neck. Sadly my weak spot is my neck so I get really vulnerable.
He must have sensed that this was my weak spot because he started sucking extremely hard. He stopped for a minuet, I looked at the window in the tent. I saw that my neck had a hickey. Keith was smiling. "Hey, now nobody will think of biting you."
What was he talking about? Then it hit me. If a vampire or a werewolf makes a hickey that mainly means that they own you. If someone tries to bite you before your married, he/she is practically dead. I chuckled, "Yeah." He smiled then mounted my body on his lap. I looked down seeing that my shirt was unbuttoned and all that was left was my black laced bra. He pinned me to the wall and started kissing my chest. I felt his bo.ner and automatic started feeling stimulated. Thankfully his pants were still on.
He stopped. "I'm sorry Artemis, we're taking this a little to fast." He buttoned my shirt back up and set me by his side.
"It's okay." I smiled meekly at him. This time it was my turn to press the button.
After the button was pressed, people started saying, Dang it! Why didn't they do it?
The bus came to a halt. We all looked out the window and saw this huge school! "Okay folks!" The bus driver started. "Every ghoul driver has to go through this for all the new students." A few people groaned. Keith held my had (tee hee)! "Now this is the school you shall attend. I will bring you here and back home. I leave the school at three in the morning. Freshman and Sophomores stay on the bus. Everyone else this is your entrance so you may leave now."
Jeheus and Archy groaned while the Juniors and Seniors left the bus. Keith stood by my side as we entered the coffin like doors. High school here I come.

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