Life as a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid

Life as a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid

Comment for chapter 2 pls. If u took the halloween 30 mins in heaven everyone except the medusa hybrid is in here sometime. :) yes that means keith with the tail. Age group. Aphrodite: 2101 yrs old. Apollo and I: 1699 yrs Jheus and Archy: 1580 yrs old. Enjoy : )

Chapter 2

High school :(

When we walked in, the hallways were huge! The tiles have a black and yellow pattern. The walls were painted Yellow and the lockers were shaped like coffins painted black. I was pulled over into a snake like hallway. "The walls are different in every hall." Keith pointed out. "The hall we were just in is the Main Hall. This is Serpent Ally." I looked at him then in the hall. He wasn't kidding about the hall. The tiles were green with a snake symbol. The walls were covered with many different colored scales. The coffin lockers were green with a snake for a lock. He lead me to our lockers. The hall was full of laughter and love. "If you've notice, this is mainly the Junior hall. The Main Hall is for Seniors."
"Cool." I smiled then opened my locker with the combination I was given. Inside were all my magnets from my other school (weird!). "How did....."
Keith cut me off. "Magic." He smiled. I chuckled and put my stuff in the locker.
A few seconds later some hunk with snakes for hair walked in. He had a very punk look with sunglasses on. I heard Keith growl softly. The guy walked over by us and smiled. "Hey there pretty lady." His voice was sooo smooth.
"David." Keith growled.
"Shut up wolf boy. Can't you see I'm talking to the new girl?" He snickered then pressed me to a locker chest and all.
Oh crap. I shot Keith a look to calm him down. "Um, hello David." I put a finger on his chest to back him away from me.
"Hey, your name is Artemis right?" I nodded. "You know you probably should get a modern day name." He gestured.
"Why? I like my name." I protested.
"Well if you want to have a better chance a round in the human world you should." David continued.
Keith sighed. "He's right. My name really is Kazerod. Its pronounced Kaz-er-rod."
I giggled. "Kazerod? Thats cute!" He blushed a lot. "Whats yours David?"
"Its just David. Mine's modern enough." He grinned. His teeth were white as snow!
"Hmm. Well I was debating between Ashton or Ashley earlier." I added.
"Ashton." They both said.
"Okay then. Its settled. Ashton Wolf is my name." They smiled. The best thing about being a monster is that when you want to change you name, its like a computer system. Once you say the name, Everyone will call you that and it will be on your record.
Suddenly the hall went dead silent and David went completely pale. I looked at the entrance of the hall seeing some diva wh.ore. I mean she looked like a wh.ore. Her skirt was practically by her cro.tch and she wore a shirt that showed the majority of her chest. She also had way to much make up on, but hey thats not my problem. I guess some girls new her because they crowded around her like a swarm of bees. "Okay ladies, you know the morning drill. Put my stuff in my lockers, make sure my seats in every class are spit shined, oh and Diana don't break anything." A teen with glasses nodded and put her valuables away. The princess walked over by our little group and wrapped her arms around David. "I've missed you babe." She kissed him.
BABE!? Man this guy has some serious issues if he's dating her. He smiled. "Dito." He kissed her back.
She glared at me then made this preppy smile. "Well is this the new girl?" She asked in a co.cky voice. Keith growled a little louder this time. "Oh shut up Keith." She flicked her hair behind her.
"Listen Jessy, she is not joining your group. And by the way she's my girlfriend." My heart skipped three beats.
Davids eyes went wide and Jessy became irritated. "Ew she's an emo freak like you?" Jessy asked.
Now I'm really mad. "Listen Jessy, I'm not taking any of your bull crap and I'm for sure not going to let you be a jerk to Keith like that." Just like that I left for homeroom.
The bell rang as I sat in my seat. Four more minuets till tardy rings. Keith ran in and sat down right next to me. He stared at me for a while. "What is it Keith?" I grumbled.
"Well for one you just stood up to the most popular girl in the school. Second, she is a child of an Egyptian king and the cousin of Cleo DeNile from Monster High. Third, I LOVE YOU!" He hugged me and I hugged him back.
I smiled at him. "Keith. I'm not scared of her. Anyways I have more royal blood than she does." He nodded and was lost in a train of thought. The tardy bell rang as the last of the students came in.
"Aston listen to me." He voice became concerned.
I looked at him. "I'm listening."
"If she finds out your a princess, she will not stop at anything to make sure your life is miserable."
"I really don't care. If she hates me; she hates me." The bell rang as Jessy walked in. Keith and I groaned silently.
A man about twenty-nine years old walked into the room. For a teacher he doesn't look that bad. He has brown hair, green eyes, and about 6''8' I'm guessing. "Good morning class. My name is Mr. Devries. I shall be your homeroom and history teacher."
"Good morning Mr. Devries." We replied.
"Now I am going to take Attendance. Once I say your name say a little about yourself." His voice sounded so familiar. I just can't but my finger on it. "Okay seeing how we only have a class of eighteen this should go by very quickly. I shall go in alphabetical order by last name." I gave a sigh of relief.
I zoned out for the whole time till my name was called. Sadly my I'm the last person. I stood up. "Uh, hi. I'm Ashton and I play the guitar." I sat down seeing Jessy snicker.
"Oh Ashton, I thought you would tell people about your royalty.* He added. Jessy stared at me full of hate.
Great. Now everybody knows. "Mr. Devries, I was trying to keep that a secret." Balling my fist and sinking into the seat.
"Oh. Sorry." He gave me a sympathetic look. First hour went by slowly. Keith was trying to comfort me while Jessy was still glaring at me.
Once the bell rang I teleported to music class. I looked around the room seeing student owned guitars. I saw Dangerous and Destiny; my electric and acoustic guitars. I had about five minuets before people arrived so I plugged Destiny up to an amp and sang Burn the night away by There for Tomorrow. I was so caught up in the song I didn't realize that the amp and the mic was hooked to the whole school speaker system and that the my classmates were listening to me.
When the song ended I heard clapping and cheering. Keith looked at me and smiled. The teacher had a big grin across her face. She was a blonde, short, and had a great figure. "Oh wonderful! Simply wonderful!" She had a British ascent, but oh well, who doesn't?
"Um, thank you?" I set Destiny down.
"My dear, if you want, you can be the lead girl singer in the musical and represent the school in the other competitions." Her face was so full of glee I thought she would explode.
"Mrs. Tang!" Jessy shouted. "She can't be it because I am. I always am." She sounded snotty.
"Well Jessy it looks like there will be a sing off." Mrs. Tang replied. Jessy's face was full of horror. Mrs. Tang pressed the intercom button. "Excuse the interruption students, but there is a sing off between Jessy Nile and Aston wolf!" I heard many people cheer. Jessy got a smug look on her face. "Now the rules are simple. Each singer can sing with who ever and whatever they like. After each song your class shall make a vote to pick Jessy or Aston. Jessy, sense you are the current representative, you can go first."
"Thank you Mrs. Tang. I shall sing Love game by Lady Ga Ga by myself." She walked by me slowly and hissed, "Good luck freak." She got up on stage and started to sing. She wasn't that bad, but shes such a sl*t!
Keith looked at me then pulled me to the back corner. "Aston, grab your electric and the guys and I will sing with you."
"Keith how?" I grabbed Dangerous.
"Well what we were thinking is that I will sing with you." He pointed to two others and they waved at me. "They will be the drums and bass."
I nodded. "Okay."
Jessy finished her solo. "Very nice Jessy!" Mrs. Tang replied. Jessy snickered as she walked by. "Your turn Ashton. Who are you going to sing with?" She asked with eager in her voice.
The guys and I looked at each other.
"What is our band's name?" I asked.
They looked at each other and smiled. "The Outsiders." Keith replied.
I looked at Mrs. Tang and smiled meekly. "I'm going to sing Awake and Alive by Skillet with the guys." She smiled and let us on the stage. Keith and I took mic's and Chase started playing. A few seconds later we came in with our instrument.
Keith must have knew this song because he started singing. He sounded like an angel! The song went on like that sometimes he sang sometimes I sang. Other times we sang together.
When we were done, everyone was impressed. I was so over whelmed, I kissed Keith. He held me in his arms and kissed me back. Sadly the moment was ruined as Mrs. Tang butted in. "Well this song is very touching, but I think we know who the winner is." She smiled.
Jessy snickered and walked by her. "Well good job Aston, but as always I've one."
Just like that the school went into an uproar. "You stink!" The whole school wanted me to represent them.
Honestly I fainted. Thankfully Keith caught me. "I'm sorry Jessy but the people choose Ashton and Keith." Mrs. Tang replied.
She went into a fit! "I refuse to let some hybrid take my place! She's not even normal!"
"Jessy. I'm not trying to steal anything. Honestly I just wanted to play my guitar." I started to cry. The bell rang and I knew this year won't be very good for me. I ran out of the room with my guitars and found a quiet spot away from everybody. I started to play a few songs but didn't sing.
"You know you don't have to hide."
I jumped and looked up. Chad was there. "Dude don't do that!" I set my guitar down.
He jumped down from the tree and sat by me. "Everyone is looking for you."
I laughed. "Yeah probably just to listen to me sing."
"That and Jessy wanted to apologize. Keith is worried sick about you as well." He replied.
"I don't trust Jessy. At all." Snapping my fingers my guitars went back to the music room.
"Yeah I know. We never have." He stood up. "Come on, lets go." He started walking and I slowly followed.
The school day went smoothly but I wish it had a different poll though.

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