Life as a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid

Life as a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid

Comment for chapter 2 pls. If u took the halloween 30 mins in heaven everyone except the medusa hybrid is in here sometime. :) yes that means keith with the tail. Age group. Aphrodite: 2101 yrs old. Apollo and I: 1699 yrs Jheus and Archy: 1580 yrs old. Enjoy : )

Chapter 3

My past

On the way home things were a lot quieter. Must be because there were only Seniors and Juniors on. Keith or Apollo wasn't riding so that left me alone with some others. I sighed and read my book. Just another hour or two till I get I wish I walked.

Apollo prov

"Okay we only have about an hour to get things ready for when she gets home!" Mom was running around the house getting things ready. I guess I should say that tomorrow the new moon. To you its a big whoop but for us hybrids its like turning us inside out. Ash and I will be werewolves and the twins will be vamps. On top of that, its our birthday tomorrow.
"Apollo!" Dad shouted. "Did you make sure Aphrodite and Terrance got the message to come over here?"
"Yes dad! I'm not stupid!" I rolled my eyes and buried my face back into my book. The reason why I like to read so much is because one day, I would like to study behavior of many different things. And because I-I kinda don't have a social life.
Next thing I know my book was ripped out of my hands and I was pinned to the ground. "So Jeheus whats Apollo reading this time?" Archy smiled down at me.
"Give me my book back!" I growled.
"Aw, whats the matter brother? Afraid we're going to find something?" He snickered.
Jeheus was looking through the book and smiled. "Sunny's looking at women. Not just any women, hot women. Mmm, just wait till mom hears about this."
"Come on guys, give it back. Its for my studies." I hate it when they actually decide to become a tag team.
"Yeah sure, not buying it." Jeheus smiled. "Last time we looked through your books you said it was for your ''studies''."
"And that was like what? Hundred years ago?" Archy questioned. "Didn't you like use that stupid book to pick up a girl?"
"Thats none of your business!" I hissed. I tried getting out but Archy slammed me into the ground and waved a finger in my face.
"Aw, wittle Sunny's getting angry again. What are you going to do? Go all Twilight on me?" He teased. "Hey Jeheus, what should we do? Tell mom or make him sweat like we did couple centuries ago?"
"Lets make him sweat." He grinned. "I mean, remember what he did to us last year?"
"How could I forget? I had fleas for six months." Archy growled. "Poor Sunny, maybe you shouldn't have been stupid last year."
"Archy! Let him go!" Ash came into the living room and took the book away from Jeheus. "Why are you picking on him again?"
"Haven't you been the slightest bit curious why he's been sticking his head in that book for a week now?" Archy asked.
"No because this is a science book. He's been studying prostitute's for about a month now." She replied helping me up.
"Then why is your picture in there?" Jeheus asked. She started flipping through the book and paled. "As I can recall, the only way you ever got victims is by going out at night looking like a hooker, giving them what they want, taking their money and eating them." He sneered.
"And mom caught me and punished me. Yeah I remember." She gave me my book.
"Who was that one guy that you always went hunting with? Tony? James? Anthony? I can't remember." He questioned.
"How can you not? Antonio, from Spain. Remember?" Archy grinned.
"Oh yeah! He almost got her knocked up."
"Who almost got who knocked up?" All of us went pale because dad was standing in the door way.
You know when your dad finds out about something he never was supposed to know and then you get yelled at? Well its the same for us but having a werewolf for a father isn't going to end up so well. "Dad I-I can explain." She started stuttering and dad took my book. "I-it was nothing, honestly."
"Sit down." He commanded. The twins started scooting away. "That means you too boys." They sat down next to Ash and I on the couch. We looked at each other with worried looks on our faces. Last time dad talked to us well it didn't end up so well. "Now when was this?" He started looking through the book.
"When was what?" Archy asked.
"When did she started prowling the streets as a wh0re, eat people, and go out with Antonio?"
"I'm not a wh0re!" She protested. "Dad, I never did anything wrong!"
"Thats not what it says in here." He sounded amused. She opened her mouth but closed it. "Apollo, you've been studying this, tell me what you know."
"Well, we moved to Spain a year after our sixteenth birthday. The actual one, not the thousand year one. You should know that." I started then looked over at Ash. She looked like she was going to vomit. "And she started hanging out with Antonio regularly. He never really was a perfect type."
"He sure was at the time." She mumbled and dad shot her a look.
"The two of them started hunting together and then one night he suggested that he lure victims in with her looks." Jeheus butted in. "She was up to the idea and well thats how she started becoming a prostitute."
"One night after we finished a Spanish guard, we started messing around." She hesitated. "We did do it and it was good. In fact, it was so good we kept at it for a very long time." She smiled. "I told the boys I almost got knocked up but in truth I did get knocked up." Dad's eyes started flaming with rage. "I hid it very well obviously because you never picked it up." She stood up and walked up to him. "His name is Andrew, but in Spain everyone called him Andres."
He smacked her, and not the petty smack, I mean smacked her hard enough she fell to the floor. "You better be glad we moved to America because when and if I find Antonio, I will make sure he pays for that."
She rubbed her jaw and glared at him. "You do anything to him, you'll be hurting your grandson's daddy."
"Goto your room young lady, you're not eating dinner tonight so you can forget coming back down here." He growled.
"Fine, oh and by the way, Antonio is coming up for my birthday with your grandson so pay a little respect for him." She got up and walked to her room.
"You three, go to your rooms, I'll call you for dinner." He sighed. Great, now this isn't going to end real well for us. TBC

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