Life as a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid

Life as a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid

Comment for chapter 2 pls. If u took the halloween 30 mins in heaven everyone except the medusa hybrid is in here sometime. :) yes that means keith with the tail. Age group. Aphrodite: 2101 yrs old. Apollo and I: 1699 yrs Jheus and Archy: 1580 yrs old. Enjoy : )

Chapter 8

The revolution

So over the next few days this hybrid slave thing started getting worse. One of the teachers noticed that Vicky wasn't treating me like what Mr. V said so he switched me to Joanna Rosberg. She treated me like crap! I had to put her make up on, brush her hair, clean up after her, and worse of all she started kicking me every trime I did something wrong. I had bruises all over my body and a damn black eye.
"All hybrids may go to the Mess hall for a brake for an hour." Mrs. Barry called over the intercom. Every hybrid dropped the Vampires stuff and ran off into the Mess hall.
When I got there everyone was cheering and dancing on tables. We all got a very good lunch for all the hard work we've been doing. I sat by a booth and sighed. ''Any more work and I'll be done for....'' My mouth wasn't connected to my brain for a few minuets so I mindlessly ate a heart.
"That's not your usual now is it?" A voice teased. I looked up and saw Keith looking pale. His lip was all puffy and he had a black eye. I looked at his arms and there were bruises everywhere. After all that he seemed to have a cheerful look on his face.
"How are you so happy with all the beatings you've received?!" The smile on his face after that was almost like something calmed me.
"Babe, why are you worrying? It's not like I have any broken bones." He smiled. His face said he was okay, but he had a ''but'' left hanging in the air.
"So who did you get assigned to?" Curiosity struck me again. He hesitated and looked at his shoes. His tail was in between his legs and he started shaking. "Babe? You ok?" He shook his head no. I wrapped my arms around him and looked at him. "C'mon you can tell me."
He bit his lip, "Antonio." I paled he couldn't be serious, Antonio doesn't even go to this school.
"B-but how?" My lip started quivering and fear swept over my body like a typhoon.
"They ran out of Vampires and they asked him for some help, he's staying until this is over." He sighed. Rage over came my fear and all I wanted to do was break him to a pulp. How dare he touch my boyfriend, how dare he threaten my family! I clutched my fist and stared at the ground with fire burning through the void that was supposed to be my soul. "Babe, don't worry he hasn't done anything."
"Done anything!? The h3ll he didn't! Look at you! I will tear him limb from limb if its the last thing I do!" I shouted. I don't know what possessed me to do what I did what I did next. I stood on the table and with all my might I stomped my foot on the table. "Hybrids!" Everyone looked at me. "I'm sure you have been fed up with being picked on, treated like crap, and worst of being beaten twenty-for-seven!" They gathered around me. "It's time we stood up for ourselves and protested! Fight for our rights of living!" People started agreeing with me. "Its time to fight back!"
"Yeah!" We stormed out of the cafeteria and to the school yard where the Vampires where eating. Little did I know that Mr. V was watching me and taking notes.
When we got there all the Vampires were looking at us like we were crazy. "We are sick of being treated like a third class! Either you let us go freely or we fight!" I shouted.
One of the jocks stood up and smiled. "Sounds fun!" He cracked his knuckles and every Vampire stood up smiling.
Antonio walked infront of the coven, "What is the meaning of this?" He stepped closer to me. "Ashton, do you really want to do this?"
Rage filled my arms and my hands and I couldn't resist it no longer, I punched him right across the face. Everyone gasped and he looked at me with surprise on his face. "That's for harming my boyfriend!"
He got up and got right up to my face. "So you're really choosing him over me?"
I punched him in the gut. I kneed his balls and pushed him to the ground. "Let me get this clear Antonio, Keith has always and will be the better man than you ever will!" I punched him again. "For freedom!"
The Hybrids charged at the Vampires and it became a brutal fight. I lost track of Keith, but that didn't concern me. Antonio was going to pay for his crimes. "Get up!" I commanded.
He got up and cracked his knuckles. "Do you honestly think you could defeat me?" He grinned and I got in a fighting position. He just chuckled, "To bad, I was really starting to like you." He charged me and all that was running through my head was to avoid him. The fact that he is ten times faster and stronger than me was a huge advantage. He kept trying to punch my face, but I kept avoiding him. The problem for him was that he wasn't swift as I was so it was much easier to avoid him. "See what I mean?" He got confident, " You can never defeat me."
The one thing that he always does when he gets confident, he slips up. I tripped him and held a spear to his throat. "Now who's the one near death?" I panted while his face became full of fear.
"Enough!" Everyone stopped fighting and saw the school Vampire council and standing in front was Mr. V smiling. "Well done everyone! You all get an A!"
"What!?" We all looked at each other.
"Mr. V, I don't understand." I stood up and looked at him.
"Ashton, do you even realize that you have led a rebellion just like Adriana?" Everyone gasped. Adriana was the first Hybrid that led the rebellion against Hybrid slavery. "As far as I'm concerned you did it just like she did, and I was there." Mr. V was and is the oldest Vampire in history. "It was tragic that she was fighting for the same reason you were. Her fiance treated her lover like Antonio treated Keith." He sighed. "She died in the fight for her freedom, but not after giving birth to a baby boy."
"So this was all a reenactment of what happened thousands of years ago?"
He nodded. "You all passed."

Years later....

"What is your answer?" A priest was standing infront of us.
I smiled, "I do."
"And yours?"
"I do." Keith smiled.
"You may kiss the bride."
We smiled at each other and had a deep kiss that never ended. And that my friends was how my story withan odd relationship started and ended. ''The End''

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