The Bad Boy is Really the Lover Boy? Draco Love. (Read intro)

The Bad Boy is Really the Lover Boy? Draco Love. (Read intro)

this is just like my other draco story but improved grammar (:
things to mention so you dont get confused!
Inny= Ginny Weasley (only Letia and Draco call her that)
One&Mione&Let= Letia (but only Draco and Ginny call her One & her friends and family call her Let or Mione)
Foy or Foy-foy= Draco
the death eaters are good including voldemort...for now ;)
-love cloud

Chapter 1

First flash backs for dreams, and now a surprise wake up?

Intro on charecter
Name: Letia(letie=+a) Hermione Potter
Hair: (just like hermiones)
Eyes: dark brown (they changewith her moods)
Body: hour glass body= perfect body
Brother: Harry James Potter
Mum & Dad: James&Lily Potter
Step Dad(adopted dad):Sirius Black (he doesnt die)
Letia is the most powerful witch she isnt normal, she has special powers, but she still doesnt have full control on them,(especially when she is frantic.) She is the princess of the country Gigandet(lol cam) But doesn’t know that yet

We were all sitting in the front room of the burrow' by all i mean the Weasley family, the Malfoys ,and my family the Potters/Blacks. The adults got up to go in the kitchen so the kids could play.
"Hey Mione what house do you think you'll be in?" asked Fred "Um maybe gryffindor, but daddy says i have an attitude like a Slytherin!" I replyed.
"If you’re in slytherin i wont talk to you! And i wont let you call me your brother!" yelled Harry, next to him Ron shook his head "Same here Mione," he said.
Then Draco said with a smile like a capital U,"I would One!"
"Yeah we would too, Let" Fred and George said to-gether.
Then Inny came down the stairs and plopped down on the couch next to Harry (her secret crush) "I know what house the parents want you all to be in!" she said smiling as Harry beamed at her.
"Oh really Ginny what houses then?" Ron asked
"Well they said you, Harry, &One will be in gryf-findor and Foy will be in Slytherin!"
"How do you know?" Harry asked gazing at her.
"Well I heard Sirius say so of course," she said in a little baby voice she always had trouble pronounc-ing his name, it was probably harder since Harry was staring at her.
Then i heard Fred & George laugh, I turned my head to see what was funny i saw Ron & Foy staring each other down. It was hard not to laugh Foy was smirking while Ron was trying to be serious. Then everything went faint and blurry.
I then heard my name being called, thats when i realized all it was, was a flash back well kind of a dream…
I could hear Ron & Harry's yells getting closer to my room it sounded like they were running. Thats when my bed room door swung open and there stood Ron Weasley the boy who has had a crush on me since i was 2, with his bright red hair, untamed like usual and my older brother Harry with his black hair wild and untamed like always and his glasses crooked on his noes. Ron was the first one to hug me, and to speak.
Ron:Can you believe it 3 more days till we go back
Me: Yup 3rd year i still cant believe it. It was like yesterday we were just getting sorted into our hous-es
Harry: I know how you feel
Ron: Mione whats that picture he points to my wall
Me: Well Ron there are alot of pictures on my wall Ron. Which one?
Ron: The one were youre kissing that blond b-
Ron: Is that Draco Malfoy ?
Me: Um maybe
Harry: Oh gosh Mione! Why do you have that pic-ture on here?
Me: Which one?
Harry: The one where were like 5.
Me: I love that one we were all tiny and cute!
Ron: We still are!
Me: I am but i dont know what happened to you both?
Harry: Oh thanx!
We all started laughing i could tell Ron was still an-gry about the picture of me and Foy…
Finally Dad called "Let, Harry, Ron, breakfast!"
I just realized that I was in my pajamas; which was a tank top that said* im conceded but im amazing* and pajama pants that have music notes, lightning bolts, radios, head phones, and the word amazing everywhere. And I had also realized i had had bead head but i didnt care cause the only people who would see me in this condition was the Weasleys, but i consider them as family. Dad & Harry so tech-nicly just family but when i got down stairs. The first person i saw was....

Comment if you want more i hope you like

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