Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

hey im gonna be making this series in to a story

Chapter 1

Chapter One {pic is of Alice}

"No Blake stop, plz stop, hehehe, it hurts to breath, hehehehe, plz stop tickleing me. i can't breath." I said. "Not until you agree to come over to my house and help me look after the my twin brothers, while mum and dad are out for there anniversary." Blake said while he stopped tickling me. Crawaled from underneath my best friend Blake and said "Ok only if you can catch me and then you can take me to your house." "Oh come on Alice do you really think that im gonna chase you coz im that desperate for some babysitting company?" "Ummm... yea, isn't that why you are chasing me right now? and you just love my awesome cooking." "Oh yea Ally, i just love your cooking, thats why you almost killed me with your world famous mac and chesse." i stopped running and turned around and faced him, with blank expression and said "That was 7yrs ago and that is not my world famous dish either and i thought you knew me really well."
"Alice, i do know you really well. how do think i know to make you smile, oh and by the way we are at my house now, so ladies first my dearest friend" Blake said last part in a British accent, "Well of course sir i shall go first, but you must wear a pair of pants on your head for at least an hour for tickling me" i said in a southern belle accent.
we both just looked at eachother and laughed. we finally went inside and wne t up to Blake's bedroom and found Tim and Jim (10yr old twin brothers) were singing to his stereo and playing on his guitar. "hey look Blakey your brothers are trying to be like you, and i think they are doing a pretty good job, although they are missing something." "hey i thought i told you to leave my room and things alone, and Alice don't try and make them seem like they are all innocent, when they aren't. i have told them many times to leave my room alone." "sorry Blake" me and the twins said in unison and the room.
"no wait, Alice plz don't go, im really am sorry, i didn't mean to yell at you." "it's ok Blake i know you didn't mean to and i shouldn't make your brothers seem cute and innocent, but i have to back home it's getting late and i need to make sure have everything for school, so i'll see you tomorrow at school. ok. see ya"

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