Campbell And His Last Wish (True Story Of A Friend)

A six year old boy who is losing his eye sight each week and with help from other people raising money his wish will come true on seeing Disney Land.

Chapter 1

Help Campbell

by: Shortwave
A few days ago Sir Barwick and his wife and daughter found out that his son Campbell Barwick is losing 3 meters of his eye sight each week, but he made a wish that he wants to do before he goes blind and that is to go to Disney Land with his family for the very first and the very last time.
But they don't have enough money to make that happen and so Oberon Community has made a fund raise to help this six year old boy to go to Disney Land.
Trent Hawken has decided that he should give up on his locks and decide to shave his head and use the money for Campbell and so the Oberon Community is selling raffle tickets and give the money to Campbell Barwick as well.
So far they just have enough money to head to Disney Land, but still a bit more money.
Help Campbell get his wish before he goes blind and donate money like me and the others.

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