you find love when everything seems lost (part 14)

hey people
i haven't updated in a while XD
was too lazy to continue i guess
but here is the next one
hope you'll like it and comment if it's worth to write more!

Chapter 1

~Sam's POV~

by: iRoos
it has been a while now, sinds she was gone
it all happend so fast
and my whole futur was gone
i didn't like thinking of it
but i couldn't get it out of my head
my thoughts got back to the day it happend

~2 months earlier~
i stood next to the bed my mom was lying in
you could see she had pain
'Carlisle! why can't you do something?! aren't you supposed to be a super doctor or something?!' i almost yelled the words at him
he just stood behind me, with pain in his eyes
'i'm really sorry Sam, but i think you have to start saying goodbye to her...' he looked like he could start crying any moment. i wonderd why there weren't any tears.
the Cullens are weird to live with, i feel so different when i'm around them. of course Edward is different, he can read minds. but there is something else
something they're hiding...
'Sam, she has like 15 more minutes to live' Carlisle said, interupting my thinking
i looked at my mom, at her face full of pain
her hair fell out because of the medicine against the cancer
not that it helped...
i hugged her carefully and felt tears falling down my face
'i love you mom' i heard myself saying 'please don't leave me, i don't know what to do without you, please live' my voice became hysteric now
2 cold hands grabbed my waist and turned me around. of course it was Edward. he pressed me against his cold chest and leaded me out the room

i didn't remember what i did in that time, it was probably crying, but then Carlisle came looking for me
'i'm so sorry Sam, but she passed away' he said, looking at my face carefull
Edward didn't knew my reaction, because i wasn't thinking of anything
i was just numb
i didn't feel anything at first
i stood up and walked to the room my now dead mom was in
she was laying there, with a peacefull look on her face
before i even knew i was there, i was on the ground, screaming and crying
the Cullens just stood there, behind me
i get pissed
why couldn't they heal her?! WHY?!
AND THAT'S YOUR FAULT!' pointed at Carlisle
'Sam, love, calm down' Edward began talking
he was quiet, because he noticed where my thoughts went to
'Sam, no we couldn't do anything, don't do anything' he warned
'YEAH RIGHT! I SAW EVERYTHING! YOU GUYS AREN'T NORMAL!' i was still yelling and the words just kept comming out of my mouth. i tried to calm down a bit
'you guys don't eat, i see that you're too quick and beautiful. i don't know what you are, but please tell me!' i wasn't yelling anymore
'Sam we ca...' Edward started saying, but Carlisle interupted him 'Edward, she just lost her mother, i think she has the right to know' tears came in my eyes again as he reminded me of my dead mom
Edward turned his face at me, looking serious 'Sam, you are right. we aren't normal, nor human' i looked at him, now confused 'i don't understand' i said annoyed by his slow talking
he took a deep breath 'Sam, me and my family, we are vampires'
i looked at him, as the words he said tried to make sence in my head. he just waited
after a few minutes it still didn't make sence
'okay now i wanna know the real reason' i said 'vampires yeah right, why can you go outside then, and where are the coffins? and you're pointy teeth?' i was getting more annoyed as i said this. what did he think? that i was like 8 years old and i'd believe that shiit?!
'i am a vampire' he said, probably reading my thoughts
'whatever, when you want to tell me the truth, come and tell me' i said, walking away
he didn't follow me
i walked back to my old house
walked to my mom's bedroom
i jumped on her bed
and broke....

the next day was awefull
i went to school, and Edward wasn't there
and i was tired because i haven't slept well
i didn't know what happend at school, but the next day Edward still wasn't there
and his family wasn't there either

after a week i was getting worried, so i started asking around
'i'm sorry Sam, but the Cullens left town like 4 days ago' Mary told me
'what?! why?!' i just couldn't believe it, they wouldn't leave without telling me! right?
'we don't know, doctor Cullen just quit his job and the day after that they were gone' she awnsered

~normal time again~
i staired out of my window
it hurted to think of that time
after Mary told me they left, i went to the big white house
i found a note there

'Dear Sam' it said
'i'm really sorry we had to leave
but i'm not right for you
sorry i said that wrong, you're not right for me
you have to believe me that i love you
but you're just not good for me
i'll always love you
again sorry
~Edward Cullen'

i read the note again
it had stains on it, because of my tears
i had so less time with him
the best memory i had with him, was that kiss...
maybe they do are vampires
who cares? it doesn't matter anymore
they could be fairies or zombies and it still wouldn't matter
because they're not here anymore...

i had nowhere to go
i was just alone in my empthy house

i couldn't handle the silence anymore, so i got in my bed
and pulled out my iPod
i turned on one of the loudest songs of one of the loudest bands i liked
and with Diamonds aren't forever from Bring Me To the Horizon i fell asleep in a wonderful nightmare...


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