My Messed Up Life....

This is a story about a misunderstood boy,Alex Reed.Read and comment!I (Hari) have no idea what will happen,only Twaz knows!Well she dedicated it to me sooo sweet love you Twaz!
hy this tazzy and my first story to be posted plz read and comment...need to know what u think, plz continue writin also i aint a great a writer as hari so dnt expect a great story.....also Alex's character is dadicated to hari.. |Love u hari!!! :P....

Chapter 1

Starting School

by: TianXHari
"Alex" shouted my mum from the dining room "you're going to be late honey, hurry it up"
"Urgh" I couldn’t help but groan as I rolled out of my bed, "not another day of being nobody" I thought as I walked into the bathroom, " what kind of day was planned for me today", thoughts of what could go wrong flooded my head. As I reached for my toothbrush I couldn't help but laugh at the thought that I once looked forward to going to school, pretty hard to believe now though.
"What's for breakfast mum?" I asked as I sat at the table. It had just gone past 8 o'clock and my mum was busy getting my little brother ready.
"Umm, help yourself to some cereal honey I didn't get time to prepare nothing, I’m sorry" she replied apologetically as she struggled to get my brothers shoes on,
"Here, lemme do that" I told my mum as I reached for my brothers shoes,
"Oh you're such a darling" my mum sighed as she stood up to collect her things,
"So what time you finishing work today?" I asked her as I stood up and reached for my bag,
"Late again so you're going to have to pick up your brother" she said as she headed for the door "come on Lou lets go"
"Oh ok, but you do remember i'm going to be working tomorrow so don't do over time tomorrow ok" I told her as she left
"Yes, yes I know, don't worry honey I wont, don’t forget your house keys" she shouted as she closed the door.
I sighed and slung my bag over my shoulder, how did my life end up like this not long ago i was living comfortably my mum was always home never at work and I didn't dream id have to get a part time job after school. But Ever since my dad left, my mum had to work to provide for us, she worked every day since then and I was left to raise my little bro Louis and juggle school life with a part time job that got thrown into the mess as well, since then life's pretty much sucked.
I reached school just as the bell rang, "safe" I thought as I walked through the large black gate. 'Carlton High' read the large carving in the wooden panel of the school gates; this was the only school my mum could afford to send me to since all the other schools in my area were snazzy private schools. This was the only school that didn't require a very costly fee, it was a pretty rundown school with minimum resources and very little money to set up any type of activity for the students, whatever clubs the school had was payed for by the student who attended them.
In class we all sat down and pulled out our books we needed for the lesson as the teacher wrote the date on the board.
"Well class" said the teacher once she had finished on the board "we have a new student today please welcome her and treat her kindly"
"pfft" I thought to myself "this school already has enough girls not another one". You see until recently Carlton high had been a fully girls school since the year before it had been turned into a mixed school. That was my first year of high school I felt so out of place I was amongst the minority and I mean the minor minority. In my class there were only 3 boys including me, but since the beginning of the New Year more boys enrolled now the school had a comfortable amount of boys but not enough to overcome the masses of girls that attended.
Just then my thoughts were interrupted as the girl entered the class.
"Pupils this is Melanie Douglas" the teacher said as she beckoned towards the girl, but her words were a whisper to me I felt my cheeks burn, as I watched the girl enter,
I felt my heart pound there was no doubt about it she was beautiful. Her long Chocolate hair fell in loose curls midway down her back a few tight ringlets framed her heart shape face, her soft hazel eyes shone under the ray of sunlight that shone through the window, her thick long eye lashes exaggerated the colour even more, making it hard to look away, her honey brown skin was spotless not a blemish or a mark in sight, she smiled revealing a set of pearly white teeth, she was almost like a movie star.
"Alex,, Alex!" shouted the teacher,
I was so mesmerized by Melanie I didn’t realise she was calling me, I looked around the class everyone’s eyes were now on me, I looked back to the front were Melanie was standing she was smiling and staring straight at me, Could this get any more embarrassing.
"Yes Miss Johansson" I replied
"I will be putting you in charge of taking Melanie around the school and showing her where everything is, is that ok with you?" She said with the slightest hint of concern in her voice.
"Umm, yeh I guess" I said regaining my composure and hoping my face hadn’t gone too red,
"Ok then, Melanie you can sit in the empty seat behind Alex" she said looking at Melanie then at the seat behind me. My heart raced as Melanie went past me and placed her stuff in place and settled down. As the lesson began what Miss Johansson had just said began to sink in, I Alex Reed the schools "Bad boy" as they called me was being asked to take the new student around school, now what possibly go wrong, I thought to myself as I started doing my work one thing I knew for sure though, was that no matter what happened I wasn't going to embarrass myself like i did time and time again with girls, this time it was going to be different....


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