FALLING FOR A KILLER vampire diaries story

Name: Shannon Edwards
Age: 17 and a half
best friend: Elena
Family: dead
Hair Color: Blonde
Hobies: Singing dancing and writting stories about vampires.

Chapter 2

School :/ oh no!

by: frex
Beep, beep, beep the sound of my alarm clock buzzed in my ear, waking me up from my sleep. Turning over to my side slamming down the snooze button. I didn’t want to go to school today; first day in a new school is never easy for anyone. I was scared that I would be the loner sitting in a dark corner all alone. “Shannon you coming don’t want to be late for your fist day at school.” Aunt Jenna called out to me.
“Yeah I’ll be down in a minute Aunt Jenna.” I shouted back. I call Jenna, Aunt Jenna because she is like family to me she’s been so kind to allow me to stay hear with her. I forced my self out of bed and I got changed into my white pink tank top and my denim short’s, I grabbed my black waist coat and put my white flats on and head down stairs I was running later for school so I ran out the house and saw Elena sitting in her car waiting for me. The drive to school wasn’t that long; it was filled with gossip, laughter and smiles. As we pulled up to the parking lot I saw Stefan walking over to us, well probably Elena I just happened to be with her. I sighed and tuck a deep breath wanting for the day to over; I’ve always hated the first day at a new school it felt like I was in a labyrinth trying to find the right way out.
“Hello girls.” Stefan smiled kissing Elena on the cheek. I didn’t say anything I just smiled, I was to busy in my own thoughts.
“Shannon you ok?” Elena said snapping me out of my thoughts.
“Yeah I’m fine, just a little nervous about my first day.” I sighed again.
“There’s no need to be worried this school is perfectly fine, and everybody is really nice, well everyone but 1 person.” Stefan said glaring at Damon as he pulled into the parking lot. I didn’t want to say anything, but I got the impression that they didn’t like him. We had 5 minutes till the bell so Stefan and Elena showed me to the office to where I can pick up my class schedule. As we walked past Damon being surrounded by girls I felt his eyes on my back, I turned to look at him only to find that he was there staring at me, it made me feel really uncomfortable I tuned away, to see where I was going trying to remember where all the classes were. As we reached the office I couldn’t help but ask:
“So do you not like Damon or something?” I asked looking at Stefan and Elena, they didn’t reply until I asked again.
“It’s not that…it’s just that…his…” Stefan kept stopping, I was totally confused I thought it would be a simple yes or no answer, guess I was wrong.
“Damon’s just a conceited jerk and only cares about him self not caring if he hurts any one if I was you stay away from him.” Elena spoke as the lady at the office gave me my schedule. We put all our schedules together to see if I had any classes the same.
1st I didn’t have any with them, 2nd I had art with Elena, 3rd I hand math’s with Stefan that’s when we had lunch, 4th I didn’t have any with them again, 5th I hand English was with Elena and Stefan and 6th I had Science with them as well. I guess it’s not that bad of a schedule, I mean I had some with them. The bell rang and I had to go to US History, I didn’t have time to go to my locker so I had to put all my books in my beg. While everyone was walking around heading to there lesson Damon approached us asking what lesson I had.
“I have US History.” I replied, “Unfortunately Stefan or Elena ain’t in it.” I sighed
“Don’t worry, you won’t be alone I have that as well.” A slight smirk grew across his face, I turned to look at Stefan and Elena and they just glared at Damon, I didn’t under stand what was so bad about Damon. Beside’s the stupid smirk he all ways had on his face.
‘Damon, leave the girl alone.’ Stefan told Damon telepathically.

“Chill little brother, every things fine.” Damon’s smirk got bigger. But is sounded as if he was arguing with Stefan although Stefan didn’t say anything.
‘What was that about’ I though to my self.
“Can we go were going to be later.” I finally said some thing, although I came out kind of rude.
“Of course.” Damon smiled as he started walking with me following. Something wasn’t right with these brothers, I mean what did Damon do to them surly it can’t just be because his a conceited jerk. I reached room 109 US History and tuck a seat at the back, excluding myself from everyone else. There was one desk next to me and Damon sat their. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Elena had said, was Damon that bad. Finally Mr. Smith started the lesson.
“Ok class today we will be working in partners, Miss Edwards would you like to choose your partner.” Great fist day at school and I have to work in a partner it was an easy choose for who to choose.
“Damon.” I said without even smiling. I heard all the girls sigh as Damon moved his desk closer to mine.
“So why did you choose me to be your partner?”
“Because you’re the only person I know who’s in this class.”
“Are you sure that’s the only reason?” that stupid smirk came back on his face, it always sent chills down my spine, “We need to do our work.” I sighed grabbing my note book out of my bag. I swear it felt like time was standing still, all lesson Damon wouldn’t stop hitting on me.
“Ok that’s enough, I’m fed up of all your little complement’s, your hot, you look so sexy, I’m not the girl where you can charm me by saying I look hot or sexy so give up it’s not going to work.” I couldn’t take it; I had to say something I just hope that now I’ve said something he will stop. We finished our work and handed it in and the teacher said we could leave early. I headed to my locker and emptied out my bag and only grabbed my art book. I closed my locker only to find that Damon was there staring at me with a little smile on his face, I have to admit he looked cute with that smile but I couldn’t forget how he was acting in class.
“What do you want Damon?” I asked glaring at him.
“What’s with the attitude?” He looked down into my crystal blue eyes, he looked as if he was searching for something but what.
“What attitude? I’m just annoyed that you spent all lesson hitting on my.” I sighed and leaned against my locker.
“If you don’t want me to say you’re hot then maybe you shouldn’t wear cute out fits.” Damon walked round in front of me but his hands on my locker trapping me, I had no where I could go.

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