Did He Just Bite Me!!!!

This is my first story just feel lyk writing
hope u guys lyk!!! : )
comment n tell me if i should continue....
i'm NOT really give specific details because that might come later on...

Chapter 1

chapter one No !

by: tree_hugg
i'm smiling at them all,gosh i'm so happy right now,my bestes friends in the whole world gonna go n celebrate My fifteenth birthday!!!We are walking towards my house talking excitedly,and my brithday.what could possibly go wrong?jinx that,i thought to myself.Im kinda superstitious about the whole mythical n bad luck legends,so i do believe that their r vampires n werewolves n ghost n wizards etc.There are five of us in the group Melina,Nehomi,Myra,Alex,n me.Right now i think that i'm the luckiest girl in the world we r going to have so much tonight.Melina invited us to a party of her friends,we r so excited because she told us that their r going to be seniors there we r only sophmores so i can't wait.
-later that nite- We r having the greatest time of our life.all of a sudden Nehomi stands on top of a table her face is a little flush,she yells out ''excuse me,turn the music down,i just want to say is everybody having FUN!!!'' the crowd replies in an excited unison ''Yeah!!'' i'm thinking to myself wat is Nehomi doin ,their r seniors here get off the table before u embarasse yourself.Nehomi continues on ''good because i just wanted to say that today is my best friend's birthday,and i was wondering if we could sing her happy birthday,her name is Alesana''the crowd is looking around for this Alesana girl.oh no wat does she think she's doing she knows i hate it when i big crowd is just staring at me.Nehomi is pointin right at me everybody looks.OMG!!!they just stare back n all of a sudden they smile n start singing.its so crazy everybody is singing at different speeds n wen they finished everybody finished at different times.But by the time they finish i was blushing n smiling ear to ear.After a couple of minutes everything was back to normal.Then thats wen it happened my life turned upside down because of HIM,well of course i didn't know at that time.Their was this guy n he was hot with his jet black hair the reach his shoulder(emo hairstyle)n his gray eyes.He was motioning me to come to him,he had a silver ring that had a black fang on it .of course i went.the rest its just a dazed i just remember feeling this sharp pinch in my thigh,i saw him biting my thigh thinkin,''did he just bite me'' it was horrible i started feeling lightheaded saw blood everywhere then i past out.i was out only for a few minutes but didn't know wat happen then all came back to me he bit me he's a vampre!! Wait before that he-he-he r**** me.I was scared i didn't know wat to do i should have thought more about wat i was doing.Not knowing it will destroy me in n make me feel unberable pain.I panicked i called the cops, i didn't want to be there wen the cops arrived so i went home crying all the way home which was 2miles.Next thing i know in the news theirs a report about cops coming to a high school party finding alcohol n arresting lot of people.The next day at schol nobody will talk to me i got beat up twice n everybody just seemed to turned on me people will call me names in the hallways "You B---- y u have to call da cops'' or ''go die u got my brother arrested'' i didn't care because i still have my friends i tried talking to them one day i told them to meet me at the park they reluctanly agreed.i was in the swing wen they all came but stop a few feet away from me . i said smiling ''wats wrong i'm not contagious come closer''Melina who seem to grimance a bit step forward n said the words that froze me on the spot ''I can't be seen with u nobody likes u n it's embarassing'' with that she walked away never looking back n dat was the last time i talked to her.Next came Alex my heart just stopped lovely alex says with so much hatred"You disgust me" n also walked away.I don't remember wat was going through my head but i wasn't registering anything they were saying,i just looked after them with a blanked face.Myra was next "You've changed your a loser now,sorry we r not friends anymore" she spat with her arms crossed.the daggers keep on coming stabbing me right to the core.Nehomi wouldn't get any closer n said with a deadly whisper "I Hate You" n ran off.It finaly hit me,i just told myself they didn't understand wat i'm going through this stranger had r**** me n svck3d my blood he was a vampire!!But maybe i'm going crazy,because i feel numb rite now..No ! this can't be happenin...n with that i cried..........
-end of flash back-
i woke up in my bed its been almost a month since THAT happened n by that i mean the incident in the party. today i am a junior first day of school.i just lay their wanting more sleep but my eyes refusing to close,because everytime i close them i see my horrible true nightmare.I dragged myself out of bed to a shower put on black vans with black skinnys n a long sleeve shirt with thick black n red stripes(lyk freddie krueger's shirt) ,no make up i don't like puting animal parts on my face(if u don't get it make up is made from animals)i only wear shapstick.I caugh myself inthe mirror n regreted it i hate lookin at myself in the mirror reminds be for wat IT (guy who is vampire) saw me for.My long wavy brown hair my pale complexion (i've been noticing that ihave gotten paler) n my big brown eyes n thick lashes.How digusting,my ex friends use to say i was beautiful but i don't belive them i just see a girl all empty n used.So i hid the mirror in the back of my closet n reminded myself to not look at myself in reflection.
i'm in the bus stop the sun hitting me which is bothersome(hint hint) the bus arrives n i get in.The bus is half packed people look at me with disgust their looks hurt me. i sit in the back n think to myself nobody is going to forget,but remind myself that this is wat i'm going to be doing all year,wake up wait at bus stop get in bus take in everybodys disgust to me n sit in the bak.simple as that.i've noticed that we have arrived at school i gt out n look around noticed Nehomi looking at me n she mouthes to me "I HATE YOU"..tbc

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