Double Trouble At Ouran Academy! (A Hitachiin Love Story!)

Double Trouble At Ouran Academy! (A Hitachiin Love Story!)

Don't you just love twins? I do! And I REALLY love the Hitachiin twins from Ouran High School Host Club! Well, start reading the story!

Chapter 1

Why Am I Going To A Snotty Rich Kid School In Japan?

I stared out the window of the airplane I was on, in first class of course, and thought pitiful thoughts. They weren't about money, ever since my dad won 300 million in the lottery we had plenty of that. They werent about anything I didnt have, pretty much, it was where I was going and the stupid reason why. Ever since dad had won the lottery, my family had been getting all sorts of attention. My older brother CJ had girls chasing him like he was Justin Bieber, and guys were hitting on me like I was Megan Fox or something. We even had papparazzi following us all the time. My point is, we got alot of good attention. But we also got some bad. A few months ago, I was walking home from school when some creepo tried to kidnap me, but thanks to my self defense classes I took when I was twelve I was able to get away, and he got arrested. Turns out he was gonna try to ask for a ransom for my life against my dad or something. Dad freaked out, and now he doesn't want me to get hurt because of the money the family has, so he's sending me to some rich kid school in Japan called Ouran.

I sighed as I looked at the rising sun. Starting over was going to be hard, and due to my shyness making friends would be even harder. Dad bought me an apartment in a smaller neighborhood, which is good i guess, besides the fact I'll be alone. Well, I brought my cat Princess along, but she doesnt really count. My dad said he trusted me enough to be in Japan by myself, although if I were him, I wouldnt leave my sixteen year old daughter in some foreign contry by herself. "Well, theres nothing I can do about it now." I muttered to myself.

A few minutes later, I was off the plane and in Japan. I carried my light bag out of the airport, since most of my things were already at my apartment anyways. I was able to hail down a taxi, and thankfully the man knew enough English to get me to my new apartment building. I paid him, and he drove off. I pulled the paper my dad had given me with the number of my apartment, and I walked slowly up the stairs that led to the door, number 13. Great, I thought, such luck. I took out my key and unlocked the door, and walked into my new home.
My cat Princess came running up to me and purred loudly, and I bent down to scratch her ear. The apartment looked like some sort of rich pad, with all the fancy new things. Well, only the actual apartment and some furniture was new. I dropped my purse onto the kitchen table and walked into the living room, with princess following behind. I sat down in my favorite chair from home and switched on the flat screen TV, tired from my trip. The tv turned on to some anime show, which was in Japanese of course. I sighed and flipped the channel off and turned on my Xbox 360 and played Halo, imagining every guy I killed was the attempted kidnapper that got me here. I played until the sun set, so I just fed Princess and heated up a pizza from the fridge, and after I finished I went to my room, which was almost the same as it was from home. I dug through my drawers until I found my favorite T shirt, shorts, and Taylor Swift: Speak Now cd and and changed, then put the cd in my cd player. I switched it to Back To December and put it on repeat, then I climbed into bed and snuggled up to my kitty, and fell asleep, not ready for my first day of school tommorow.........

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