Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 37

I know i just brought this on but....just read please?

Chapter 1

Chapter 37

by: ImBack_
---Brooke's POV---
Justin was calling after me, as I was walking away. Out of no where, a pain hit my stomach. i covered my mouth and rushed back into the bathroom into a stall.
"Welcome back to the teen choice awards." I heard the person say.
I was throwing up. This wasn't good. Justin was holding back my hair. Suddenly something hit me....
It was right after my date with Justin. After a beautiful dinner and midnight dance we came back to the apartment. My mom wasn't home. We were smiling and laughing .He gave me a peck on the lips and pulled away slowly. Suddenly the kisses got more passionate.

He slowly led me to the bedroom. you know what happens wink

----end of flash back----

NO! NO! I quickly went to the sink and washed my mouth out.
"Here." Justin said handing me a mint. I quickly put it in my mouth. I was pacing back and forth.
"No. No. No." I kept whispering to myself. It can't be.
"What's wrong?" Justin asked. I leaned against the wall, my breathing got heavier. Suddenly the wall's seemed to get tighter closed in.
---Justin's POV---
The slowly slid down to the ground, and she was holding her stomach.
"Justin! Justin! do something!" She shouted.
I started shouting.
"Help!! Help." there was a large amount or blood coming from between her legs.
"i'll go get help." Jasmine said running out. "Justin, i'm scared....." She said. She was shaking uncontrollably.
"don't be. Don't be. I'm right here." I picked her up bridal style, and walked out of the bathroom to be met by crew people who had already called for help.
"I think the baby's going to die." Brooke whispered in my ear.
"Baby?!" I nearly shouted. She brought up her hand which was trembling and covered with blood. "Well....what used to be our baby. The ambulance came at the moment. They took Brooke from my hands putting her in the car. I would go with her put i'm so much in shock.
"She was pregnant?" I whispered to myself.
"i was going to be a farther?"
------Brooke's POV---
I woke up in a hospital bed. Justin was looking down at his phone. He looked stressed out. I sighed and weakly said, "Justin?" he looked up form his phone and rushed to my side.
"Brooke. Brooke, don't cry." He said as tears began to fall from my eyes.
"The baby is perfectly fine.OUR baby is fine." He said smiling at me. I couldn't smile back.....but it was good to know...

I know i just sort of threw this out of now where put i didn't want to stretch it out!
Don't be angry :( lol
but next one will be up soon! i was just able to not be lazy and pulled another part together.


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