you find love when everything seems lost (part 15)

here's part 15
what will happen to Sam now?
i don't really know
most times i just write how i feel at the moment, so i don't think she get's alot better
anyways, i hope you'll enjoy and please comment!

Chapter 1

~Sam's POV~

by: iRoos
i remember, that when i was little, i never thought anything could top the pain of a bruise or a wound
but i know better now
pain can be alot worse
like your on razor blades
that keep cutting you

i got bored of my life
i just went to school, got home and do my homework while staring out of my window
the only reason why i was staring out of my window, was because i was waiting for Edward to show up and knock on my door
i closed my eyes as a new wave of pain went through me, for thinking of his name

this was ridiculous! i couldn't just wait my whole life for him to come back
i just wanted to die...

i saw something from the corner of my eye
i was at school now
i didn't even notice i was here
it didn't matter where i was...
i looked around and saw a beautiful girl outside, with brownish hair and curls. the color looked just like his hair
she saw me staring and smiled at me
the guy standing next to her, a tall guy with black hair, nodded and made a sign that i had to follow them
i got up from my lunch table, on which i was sitting alone, and followed them
the went in the woods and just when i wanted to turn around, they stopped
'hey' the girl said with a smile
'uhm hi' i said, hesitant
'you're Sam right?' the tall guy said
'yeah, and you are...?' i asked
'oh, Jake, we forgot she doesn't know us' the girl turned to me 'hi, i'm Renesmee Cullen, and this is Jacob Black'
my legs began shaking
'did you just say Renesmee Cullen?' i asked, trying to breath normal
the guy named Jacob nodded, carefully watching my reaction
'i need to sit down' i said, while sitting down on the dirty forest ground
Jacob and Renesmee just waited
'so you and Edward got married?' i asked Renesmee with tears in my eyes. she was beautiful, why would he chose me over her?
she started to laugh 'no silly! i'm his daughter!' she was still laughing
i felt my jaw drop
'Edward was dating my best friend, Bella, and they got married, Bella got pregnant and they got Renesmee' Jacob tried to explain
'he was married?!' i asked, hysterical now
'uhm, yeah' Jacob said
i felt so dizzy
i saw Jacob stretching his hand at me, but everything went black before i felt his hand
i got out of bed
and i was sure that it was all a dream
the two people i met yesterday weren't real
it was just another nightmare

i got dressed and went downstairs
i froze halfway down the stairs, because Jacob was in my kitchen
he waved and came closer
'he didn't leave you because he doesn't like you anymore' he whispered
'just leave me alone' i said, with tears in my eyes
'i lost everything! there is no point of living anymore!' i said, now really crying
'yeah right, don't say that! you can not give up!' he said, looking in my eyes seriously
'right, now if you exuse me, i have to kill myself' i was getting pissed. why didn't he just leave me alone, it's not his business if i wanna die
i grabbed my jacked and went outside, looking for the first option, that could take my life away...


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