The Cow Says Moo, And Haru Says I Love You! (A Hatsuharu Love Story!)

ok, so the survey said most of you wanted Haru, but Kyo was real close, so I might make another story just for everyone who loves him! Well, get reading!

Chapter 3

Shopping, and a First Glance.

We reached town after a few minutes of silence in the cab, my shy nerves already kicking in.
Once we were in town, or I guess it was more of a city, we went into one of the malls, and Yuki turned to Tohru.
"Miss Honda you and Miss..." he fumbled.
"Katsunuma, my moms last name. Her and Dad never married." I said quietly.
"Ok, you and Miss Katsunuma go to the clothing store and get some clothes, and I'll head to the furniture store to buy a bed. Do you have a certain kind of bed you'd like, Miss Katsunuma?" he asked me.
"Well, I'd always sort of liked one of those Tempur-Pedics......" I mumbled.
"Ok, we'll get sheets and other things after the clothes and bed. I'll meet you at the clothing store in about an hour." he said smoothly, then turned and walked away.
Tohru turned to me and smiled warmly, "Well, let's get going!"
We walked into the store, and we browsed through the racks.
"Oh, Lola. This shirt would look really nice on you." said Tohru, holding up a white tank top, which had light blue lace trimming at the bottom.
"Yeah it looks nice." I said, adding it to the cart.
After about half an hour of picking out skirts, shorts, jeans, tops, and even some shoes, it was time to try every thing on. We had a very full cart, so it took some time, but after modeling every outfit for Tohru, we were happy with what we got.
"Wow, I can't believe that these strangers would be so nice to me." i told her as we walked around the shop, waiting for Yuki.
"Well, Shigure is very kind, and Yuki is very nice too. Kyo is also very nice, but you have to get to know him." She laughed nervously, "I just hope it isn't too late."
"Oh, I'm sorry if I did something bad....." I said, hanging my head down.
"Oh, no no!!!" she said hastily, "He had no right to act that way, there's nothing wrong with your hair! Why, I know a boy who has natural black and white hair!" she said.
I looked up and smiled, "Really?"
"Yeah, and he's like you in some ways."
I cocked my head to the side, "How so?"
"Well, he can be calm one minute then kind of dark the next. You seem to be able to do something similar, you go from being all talkative and outgoing one minute to being shy and quiet the next. It's very, um, admirable." she said.
"Hm, I never looked at it that way. Everyone always thought I was weird, having mood swings like that. Plus my blue hair, which I'll admit is dyed, but I feel more natural with it blue. I guess I'd like to meet this boy eventually, and maybe your other friends too. Is that ok, cousin?" I asked.
'Oh, of course! Hana and Uo will be so happy to meet you! Do you plan on going to our school?" she asked.
"I don't know, how old are you Tohru, and what grade are you in?" I asked.
"I'm 16 and in my 2nd year of high school, so are Yuki and Kyo. What about you?"
"I'm 15 and in my 1st year of high school." I said.
"Wow, you seemed much younger!" she said.
I just shrugged, and we both saw Yuki coming over. The girl behind the check out counter noticed too, and was making goo-goo eyes at him.
"Hey, the bed is being shipped as we speak to Shigure's house. Are these the clothes you picked out?" he asked, pointing to the cart.
"Yeah, it's not too much, is it? Cause I can put some back." I said hastily, worrying I was being overindulgent.
"No, no, Miss Katsunuma. We are happy to provide you with some clothes, and other necessities. Now, let's check out and get some sheets. Is there anything else you would like?" he asked.
"No, no. This is plenty." I said.
He laughed, "There's no doubt you and Miss Honda are related. Let's go." he said, taking the cart to the front as Tohru walked next to him.
I stood back for a second, then smiled and caught up with them.
We walked back into Shigure's house, with arm loads of bags.
"We're home!" hollered Tohru as we took off our shoes.
"Oh, hello you three! Momiji and Hatsuharu are here! Yuki, you come in here. It would be very perverted if you went into a room with two young girls, tut tut. Tohru, you and Lola take those bags upstairs and get situated, then come back down. Oh, and that bed you ordered already arrived, speedy delivery!" he sang.
"OHHH! Let me help!" shouted a sweet little voice, and a little child ran into the door way and grabbed Yuki's bags from him.
"Let's go!" he said, and dashed up the stairs.
"Momiji, you behave yourself!" shouted Shigure as we followed him up to Tohru's room.
We walked into the opened door, and I gapped at the big bed on the oppsite side of the room of Tohru's, which the little boy from before was jumping on.
"Wow, it's so soft!" he said.
"Momiji, stop! You'll hurt yourself!" said Tohru.
"Ok, I'm sorry Tohru. You must be Lola." he said to me, "I'm Momiji Sohma. Let's get your things all put away, then you can go down and meet Haru!"
"ok, I said."
Tohru took charge of putting away my clothes, Momiji found some of my posters and pictures and put them all up on the wall, and I put the sheets and pillows, which were blue, on my new bed.
"So Lola, are you going to school with Tohru?" asked Momiji as we worked.
"Well, she's one year older than me, but I think I'll probably end up going to her school." I said, fumbling with a pillow case.
"Heey! Me too! I'm a first year just like you, and so is Haru!" he said excitedly.
"Cool...." I fumbled, wondering in my head how I was gonna be able to sign up for school.
"Well, come on!" he shouted, and grabbed me and Tohru by the wrist and pulled us down stairs and back into the dining room, where Shigure, Yuki, and aoy with black and white hair were talking. He must be the one Tohru was telling me about at the store, Hatsuharu.
"Ah, here she is!" said Shigure.
"Um," I said, "Thanks for getting me all that stuff." I said, my hair in my face as I looked down.
"No problem, my dear. Take a seat, you three." he said, and we all sat down.
"Now, I believe introductions are in order. Hatsuhara, this is Miss Lolita Katsunuma, Lola, this is Hatsuharu Sohma." said Yuki.
"I bowed, "Nice to meet you, Hatsuharu.
" too." he said, looking at me thoughtfully, "I like your hair, it's very cute."
I blushed, "Thanks, you're hair is pretty amazing too."
Suddenly, we all heard a slam, and Kyo stomped into the room. He caught sight of Momiji and Hatsuharu, then groaned.
"Ugh, what are they doing here!" he said, throwing his jacket on the floor in the corner and sitting down in between Tohru and Shigure.
"AWW, be nice Kyo!" said Momiji.
"Why should I! We have another weirdo around now, and it's bad enough she's a girl." he said angrily.
Everyone was quiet, and I looked down at the table, with an ashamed feling in my gut.
"What, aren't you going to say something!?" yelled Kyo at me.
I looked up, "What did I ever do to you to make you so mad?"
I knew my aqua blue eyes were on the brink of tears, so I looked back down.
Kyo seemed stunned that I wasn't yelling at him again.
"Oh, so thats all you got to say? I thought you were tough, but apparently I was mistaken." he said sarcastically.
My heart started racing with anger, and I stood up, still looking down.
"Outside, boy. NOW."
Haha! cliffhanger! A lot of people wanted to keep it as a Hatsuharu story, and since we had no school today, I decided to write another chapter! Hope you enjoyed it! Comment, rate, and keep your eye out for the next chapter!
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