This may be hard to believe but I had this nightmare. If anyone has seen Inception it is possible to have a dream within a dream. An example of that is this nightmare. Hope this i sas scary and interesting as it was when I lived it.

Chapter 1

The Creatures

by: Melony303
Monday, it was an ordinary afternoon. I was on the long bus ride back from private high school. Just how normal can you get? I gazed out at the passing town as the colors swarmed into my view. Through the fogged up graffiti-fied window the passing bystanders stopped and watched the bus with wide glassy eyes. The towns were all rich, even though they sucked the money out of the townspeople. After the long ride I walked up my twisting driveway to my house. Once inside I waved to my mom as I dragged my overstuffed bag up the staircase. After homework and dinner it was time for sleep which I welcomed eagerly.
The house was empty, everything gone. The family stood, staring at their wasted living room. All of their possessions gone, everything they had. Door smashed, windows broken, even the carpet ripped off the floor...
"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!" My alarm clock screamed shocking me out of my dream. That poor, lonely family, wonder what happened to them. Well it was just a dream. I slugged out of bed to stop the outrageous blasts of noise. After getting dressed I went downstairs and gathered my things. When I entered my family room on the news was on and my dad was there shaking his head. "Poor people, they were robbed of everything, almost a half dozen houses ransacked in one night." My dad said to me as I plopped down on the couch. I froze there on the spot. My dream seemed to swirl around me trying to eat away reality. I shivered and then shook it off. Don’t be stupid, I told myself and then dropped it.
School was the same and I returned to my house on that Tuesday afternoon still dragging my large back pack up the same stairs. Last nights dream entered my mind for a second but my long calculus homework erased the thought. Dinner then ice cream and then time for bed again. I lay down in my bed too tired to think and sank into slumber.
There were bangs and clanks from downstairs, too quiet to awaken the unknowing family. Small foot steps danced on the floor below as they dragged the furniture out of the house. It was too late now for the family to have a chance to stop them. I got up and walked toward the top of their staircase slowly investigating as I clung to the wall. I turned the corner and stared down on the devil creatures. Their midget sized limbs and torso lifted up the furniture as they smiled sharp, black, blood stained teeth. Their eyes were scarred coals that were wide open and glossy from blazing fire of hell. Each one was deformed and looked as if plagued. Their deep red bodies swiftly tugged on the large items pulling them outside the house. I was just going to turn away when one saw me and started to jump up the stairs. It bounced of the railing and walls leaving a trail of blood. Its’ eyes showed the ever longing thirst for pain and suffrage. My heart pounded in my ears and its putrid breath was inches from my face.

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