Haunted by Love

Haunted by Love

Like I said, here is my new Edward Cullen love story. Hope you like :)

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Chapter 1

The "gift"

"I like your new house. Its nice," Clare says casually while playing with a strand of her long, curly, blond hair. She was sitting on my bed while I was finishing putting everything in its place. We had just moved to Seattle. And Clare is my best friend...or was, I should say.
"I love it too. But what's the point, when I'm just going to go away soon... again," I mutter.
"What do you mean?" she asks. Her blue eyes were full of confusion.
"Oh, that's right. I didn't tell you that I'm going to a boarding school," I say.
"What! I didn't know that," she mutters.
"Well, yeah," is all I say.
Just then my brother Justin comes into my room. Well actually he's my step brother, but some people think we're truly related. It's weird because he has grayish green eyes, casual, short, dark brown hair, and he's tall with an athletic build. But he is also a total nerd. Not that it's a bad thing getting straight A's.
I, on the other hand, have hazel colored eyes, long brown curly hair, slim and average height. Basically I'm a replica of my mom, only younger. And unlike Justin, I don't always get A's, mostly B's, and sometimes A's and C's.
Anyway, my real dad died when I was very young. I was the only child born out of that marriage. Then a few years after my dad died, my mom found Richard and remarried. Richard also had another child from a previous marriage, Justin. I loved them both like they were my real family.
Justin and are both 17, but he's about 6 months older than me. We were brought up together since we were 5. I love him, except sometimes he gets on my nerves, and vice versa. But most of the time we get along pretty well.
We are the only two kids in the family. Our parents never had anymore children. And my mom has a very good reason why too. She never expected me to inherit her gift. But it is obviously a genetic thing. I think she doesn't want to have any more children because she doesn't want to put them through what she and I both went through, and what I'm still going through.
His eyes scan the room, as if looking for something. "Don't tell me Clare is in here?" he says.
"Actually, she is," I say.
"Is he going to boarding school too?" Clare asks.
"Yes," I answer.
"Yes what?" Justin asks.
"She wanted to know if you were going to boarding school as well," I tell him.
"Ugh, dont even remind me," he groans.
I laugh.
"So what is she still doing here? Isn't she supposed to cross over, or whatever it is ghosts do?" Justin asks.
Clare lets out an exasperated sigh. "I need to know who my real parents are," she says.
"And how is that coming along?" I ask.
"Not too well. The day I found the adoption papers, I came rushing to you. I didn't know what to do, and I needed my best friend to help me. But then I got in that horrible car accident. After I found out that I had died, I tried to see if my mom had any papers with the names of my real parents, but being a ghost isn't all that easy. I can't manipulate anything!" she cries.
I laugh. "Look, I'm not sure how that works exactly. But I think it's something to do with the energy you take in," I say.
"Am I missing out on something?" Justin asks confused.
I roll my eyes. "She just wants to know who her birth parents are," I say.
"But its been 3 months since her death, and she hasn't found anything?" he says.
"Oh, shut up!" Clare snaps. And at that moment, a gust of wind enters the room out of nowhere, hitting Justin right in the face.
He stumbles backwards. After catching his balance, he looks around the room surprised. "That was so not funny Clare!" he says.
Clare and I laugh. She always had a little crush on him. She just never let him know.
"What is going on up here?" my mom Isabelle says, stopping at my doorway.
"Oh hi Clare, how are you doing, dear?" my mom asks her.
"Oh, you know...pretty dead," she says.
"Why are you still here, honey?" my mom asks Clare.

Author's note: So the pic up above is, yes, Jennifer Love Hewitt :P hehe. The reason why I put it up is because that will be what the mom looks like (Isabelle), and Evie (the main character) is just a way younger version of her.

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