Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 35

Chapter 1


by: ImBack_
-----Brooke's POV----
The day is here! The day of The Teen Choice Awards. i sighed as i pulled up to my stylist place. After getting my dress on and having my purse i sighed and began walking to the car parked outside for me. The show starts at six but we have to be there at 5 because the red carpet walk is 3 hours! (it really is sometimes)
As i was sitting in the car my phone went off. I looked at it to see that it was justin.
Ugh....why can't he just leave me alone? I think Jasmine really likes him so they should be together. I'm lying to myself.
I had on some black heels with a dark purple and light purple dress. My hair was straighten like a straw and i had on some light make up. Trying to look natural. When i pulled up to the red carpet there was a long line of cars, with different people getting out of each car. My publicist was waiting for me by the carpet while my bodyguard was sitting in the front seat. When it was finally our turn i opened the car and stepped out. My bodyguard followed me and my publicist was close by.
"go talk to them." She said pointing to the two people. One holding a camera another with a microphone.
"Hello." The man said. I smiled and said hello back.
"Brooke Wicfield....What happened?" Was all he said but i knew what he was talking about. I sighed and shook my head...
"It's not like we were going to get married. I bet if it wasn't someone as big as justin you guys wouldn't care. So's just another break up." i said.
My publicist shook her head agreeing with what i said.
"What did he do?" The man asked turned the mic back to me. That's when my publicist started tugging on me to go.
"i'm sorry i must leave." I said before walking on the red carpet. I paused for pictures here and there. Soon i was about half way through the super long carpet. Soon i heard people saying, "Justin Bieber has Arrived." All their attention were on me.
-----Justin's POV---
The second i stepped out of that car, i didn't even wait for kenny. I know Brooke was here somewhere. iwas running through the carpet just searching for her.
I soon bumped into Kayla was was speaking to an interviewer.
"Oh....It's you." She hissed turning back to the interviewer.
"Where's Brooke?" I asked turning her back around.
"Just please. tell me where she is." I begged.
Kayla rolled her eyes before pointing a bit behind me. Not to far.
There was Brooke. wearing a beautiful purple dress, with black heels.
her hair straighten down. She looked very happy posing with Nicki Minaj and Jessica Jarrell. i didn't even know she knew them. I started walking towards them as camera flashes got brighter. Brooke was the first to see me just as i was feet away from them. brooke started backing up as i tried to reach her. Nicki was holding me back, roughly but not hurting me.
"Little man i think it's best you leave this shawty alone." nicki said stepping in my way.
"But i have t talk to her!" i said trying to get to her. Jessica soon joined in, keeping me away from Brooke.
The look of pain on Brooke's face was horrible. It hurt me so much just seeing her like this. She looked afraid. She looked into thought too.
"Brooke. I'm sorry please!" I yelled. i finally got pasted Nicki and Jessica able to get to Brooke. I put my arm around her waist, and pulled her in close. She seemed distant. Her head was pulled back a bit. she was trying to keep away from me. "Brooke. Brooke." I whispered. She was moving her head side to side and away trying to keep from looking at me. She pushed me off, as tears started to well up in her eyes.
"What do you want? Tell me." Her voice was the calm-angry type.
" don't understand, how much i love you. It hurts me so much that you believe those lies. you know that i'm not with jasmine. You know it. Why do you want to believe." she shook her head.
" don't have to lie. Just tell me that you're dating jasmine. Please."
---Brooke's POV---
"Brooke LOOK! If these rumors hadn't started you know what i was going to do today?" He said stepping closer to me. He pulled out a small black box, and got down on his knees. I could literally hear all the gasps.
"Is he about to do what i think he's about to do?" i heard Nicki say.
I felt my heart beat increased.
"Will you......PLEASE Marry me?" He opened the box to reveal the most beautiful ring i have ever seen.
----Justin's POV----
She stared at the ring surprised. Tears started to fall from her eyes and run down her cheeks. For a split second i had hope. I really did. i bought this ring a month ago. I know we've been dating for about a month but i've loved her and known her for years. That counts as something right?
The day after our date i bought this ring. cause i knew i wanted her in my life forever. I knew i did. for her to be the mother of my children. I know i'm only 16 and that no one will take me seriously but...I can't live without her. I really think i'm going to die without her. My hands were now shaking, waiting for her answer.
Then the word slipped form her mouth. The word that sent me into a hole of depression.
I felt my heart crush like a a piece of paper and burn away into ashes.
"you heard me! i said No!"
"Brooke, look at the poor boy! It's easy to see that he's telling the truth. Just say Yes." Nicki said, with her pink hair pulled down laying softly on her shoulders.
"Please?" I asked once more, my voice cracking slightly. She shook her head, disapprovingly. "I would rather die. then be married to you. I promise you. I will never ver speak to you again. i may have to work with you......" She paused for a second. "We have a music together coming up. But...we are no longer together. We are nothing...were nothing...and will never be anything, and i promise you that. Unlike other people i don't break promises."
With that she walked off. I started breathing heavily as my whole world crashed.
"Justin are you okay?" Jessica asked kneeling beside me.
This was so painful that couldn't even cry.
she said we were nothing. That our love was nothing. That can't be.
It just won't come to pass. i won't let it.


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