Based on the song by Lady GaGa. A Damon Salvatore love story. 5 comments please. (I'll continue if you don't, but hey, make th author smile.) :)

Name: Renea Moore (pronounced Rain-a)
Nickname: Rain
Hair: Long, dark burnette, blonde streaks, naturally wavy
Eyes: Stromy blue with gold around the iris (wait, what's the middle black part called? lol) and slightly red rimmed
Height: idk tall?
Age: 18

songs for best effect: ()

Chapter 1

New girl meets Monster

by: shayj11
(Womanizer by Britney Spears)
I walked into Mystic Falls High, clumsy as ever. I almost walked into a locker, but I didn't. I pretended that it didn't phase me and kept walking. I walked right past three seniors. I smiled at them, but my smile faded quickly as I stared into the eyes of the tallest, and most handsome. I prayed that the other two were dating, and he was available. I ignored the thought and ekpt walking, trying to ignore the butterflies his smile gave me. I walked into a locker and fell backwards onto the floor.

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