Draco Malfoy love story

name~ Lilly Potter
Family~ Harry Potter {brother}
House~ Gryffindor
Discription~ brown hair hazel eyes hot but you dont throw it around
Back Story~ Orphaned and left in an orphanage in America where you stayed untill you got your letter [you have no idea who your brother is] oh and you have a scar but its like by your collar bone so no one really ever saw it. Your a year younger than Harry and Draco ;)

Chapter 1

1st yr {Chamber Of Secrets}

"Lilly Potter" I heard my name called by the tall intimaditing woman. The hall was silent as i walked towards the hat that would decide my fate.
The hat barely took a second before it called out "GRYFFINDOR!" no one cheered as I went to sit at my new table. There were many people who stared at me, but only one had the courage to say hello.
"Hi I'm Ginny," she said.
"I'm Lilly, Lilly Potter." I said really nervously. "Do you know why everyone is freaking out?" I asked in a more hushed tone.
"You mean you've never heard of Harry Potter?" She said as if I should know everything about this Harry person. I shook my head, "The Boy Who Lived." She said once again expecting me to know. I gave her a 'WTF are you talking about' look. "Well, Harry Potter is-"
"Now that, that's done..." the old man interrupted her. I didn't really listen to him, because sitting accross the room was possibly the hottest guy I'd ever seen! He had blonde hair and the most AMAZING eyes, i couldn't stop staring. Suddenly, the hall erupted and everyone got up and started walking to thier houses. By chance {ok so i kinda made it happen} I bumped into the really hot guy.
"Watch where-" Then he looked at me, "I'm so sorry, I'm Draco,what's your name again?"
"Lily," I said enchanted by his beauty. From that point on i decided Draco must be mine.

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