My Best Friend Was Really My True Love  *An Acey Slade love story

My Best Friend Was Really My True Love *An Acey Slade love story

I wrote this for my best friend. Its about her having a relationship with her favorite musician. And if you don't know who Acey Slade is look him up.

Chapter 1

Before the party

Character info:
Name: Samantha Adams
Age: 23
Appearance: 5 feet and extremely skinny. Multiple tattoos- Jack and Sally from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas inside a barbed wire heart on back right hip. Pentacle

on front right hip. Black crescent moon with red star on left front hip. Original Adams Family cast in black and white on upper right arm. And many more. Peircings- Left

Eyebrow, left side of nose, center bottom lip, and navel.
Job: Owner of storage facility.

I put the last of my make up on and step back. I look myself over and am happy with my appearance. I mess with my hair a little more and make sure I have no smudges from my

eye make up.

"Sam! Hurry up! We're going to be late!" My boyfriend Alex yells at me.

"I'm done!"I yell back. I walk back to the bedroom and grab my jacket and purse. I walk into the living room and see Alex leaning against the door.

"You look amazing babe" he says pushig off the door. He walks over to me and wraps his arm around my waist. I wrap mine around his neck and step up on my toes to kiss him.

"Thanks baby. You ready to go?" I ask pulling away.

"Yepp. Let's go."

We walk out the door and I turn to lock the door and realize I don't have my keys. I lean around the door way and grab them off the hook. I shut the door and lock it. I follow Alex

to the car and unlock the doors. I climb in and start the car. Alex begins patting his pockets as though he's looking for something.

"I forgot my phone. I'll be right back" he says before giving me a quick kiss and running into the house.

I sigh and turn up the music. My phone starts singing to me so I turn the music back down so I can answer my phone. I look at the name before answering and sigh. "Hi Morgan"

I say trying to sound cheerful.

"Hey Sam. Ummmm...... Have you guys left yet?" She asks.

"No. Why?" I ask even though I already know the answer.

"Can me and Nick meet you guys at the gas station for a ride?"

"Yeah. I guess so. But we're leaving now and if you guys aren't there by 7:20 I'm leaving you behind" I answer hiding my annoyance.

"Thank you so much. We'll be there. Thank you" she says as Alex walks back out the door.

"Well Alex is on his way to the car so I'll talk to you in a few" I say.

"Ok. Bye!" she says and I hang up.

"Who was that?" Alex asks getting in the car.

"Morgan......" I say slowly.

"We are not giving them a ride."

I already told her we would. But this is the last time. I promise" I say grabbing his hand.

"Fine" he says and turns up the radio. Riptide by the Sick Puppies was on and we started singing along.

We pull up to the gas station and I park at the far end. I look at the clock and it says "7:05". I look up and see two figures walking towards us. Must be Hannah and Stephanie.

They walk up to the car and get in.

"Hey Sammi. Hey Alex" they say in unison.

"Hey guys. You ready to pary?" I ask.

"Heck yeah" says Steph. "Hey do you think Wednesday will be there?"

"Of course. It is Acey's party after all" I answer with a smile.

"Sweet" she replies.

"You gunna ask him out finally?" Hannah asks.

"Maybe" Steph says with a shy smile.

"Maybe? My god Steph you've only been in love with him since high school" I say. She hits me in the arm so I hit her back. Next thing you know me and her are wrestling on the

floor. Hannah moved into my seat to get out of the way and her and Alex are laughing at us. We hear the back door opening and stop to look up. Winter is standing there holding

the door with a shocked expression on her face. We all busted up laughing. I crawled off Stephanie and helped her up.

"Whats going on?" Winter almost yells.

"Stephanie started it" I say quietly. She hits me again and Alex stops me from retaliating. Winter nods knowingly and climbs in. I look at the clock and it reads "7:12".

"Why are we still sitting here?" Steph asks a minute later.

"Morgan and Nick" I answer with an annoyed sigh.

"Seriously?!" Hannah says. We look at her with question marks on our faces. "I like Morgan. But I cannot stand Nick. Heck Acey doesn't like Nick."

"I know. None of us do. But they are a package deal. So we have to deal with him. I"m sorry but thats how it is" I say.

"I know. I just wish she would break up with him and go out with Josh. I mean its obvious they want each other. Everyone can see it" Hannah says.

"Yeah...." I say. Just then Morgan walks up to the car.

"Hey guys. Nick is on his way" She says. I look at the clock and it says "7:15".

"Ok. I'll give him five minutes. If he's not here I'm leaving him behind" I say. She opens her mouth to protest but deccides against it. "Good girl" I think. We sit and chat for a

while and he's still a no show. At 7:21 I start the car.

"No!" Morgan yells.

"I told you guys when to be here. I even gave him extra time" I say.

"Look he's right across the street" she says pointing. I put car back into park and wait. He comes running up and jumps in. I throw the car into reverse and start to pull out.

"Hey guys. I'm sorry I'm late" he says kissing Morgan.

"Yeah... Well don't let it happen again. Next time I'm leaving you" I say as nicely as possible.

"B***h" he mutters. Alex whips around in his seat and I stop him before he says anything.

"No need to make it worse" I say. I hear Nick talking smack to Morgan so I blast the stereo. Devour by Shinedown happened to be playing which made me happy.


This is my first time ever letting others read my work so let me know what you think, Please.

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