What Hurts the Most

What Hurts the Most

Hey, guys. Most of you probably know about all the different links I posted up here for some pretty cool Alpha and Omega fan-made videos. Anyway, one of them really got to me for some reason, and that's the one featuring What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flats. It fits this little story I'm about to put up so well, almost perfectly. Oh, and I forgot to say that the following story is a dream I had one night. Scratch that. It was more of a nightmare.

Chapter 1

What Hurts the Most

If you haven't seen the fan-made video yet, or simply want a refresher, then here's the link to the video that fits this story/nightmare so well.


Hope you enjoy :)

"I told you we make a good team," Kate said.

"Did you say that? I thought I said that," Humphrey replied, inching his way forward to the log. Kate smiled, and he did too. He took a final leap and landed safely behind what had been his wooden slide. After all of this mayhem was over, maybe he could finally get a chance to tell Kate how he felt, how he had for his whole life. And maybe, just maybe, they would be able to have their happily ever after --


Humphrey's eyes widened in horror. "Kate!"

She had been hit in the head by a caribou's hoof.

Without a second thought, Humphrey leaped forward, throwing his body over Kate, protecting her from the stampeding caribou. No, he thought, and a flying hoof slapped his face. She can't leave. Not now.

The stampede raged on for what seemed like both hours and only a second. Finally, it died down, the last of the caribou dodging around the two wolves lying in the dust. Breathing heavily, heart beating wildly, Humphrey peeled himself off Kate's still form. "Kate, please," he whispered, desperate, "you can't do this to me."

He nudged her shoulder, his whole being willing her to move, to open her beautiful brown eyes and look at him.

Humphrey recoiled as something sticky touched his nose.


Kate's blood.

He sat there, unbelieving, unwilling to accept the cold truth that lay before both packs, which were now assembling themselves around Kate's still, cold body. Humphrey tried to fight back tears of both sorrow and rage. He could see the shock in all the other wolves' eyes. He was angry that it had taken this for them to finally realize that fighting was pointless. He was heartbroken because now he had no reason to fight.

Almost beside himself in agony, Humphrey bent down, draping one foreleg over Kate's dull shoulder, resting his head beside hers one last time. "I love you," he whispered.

Kate was dead.

Humphrey sat up, threw back his head, and howled. He was dimly aware that all of the other other wolves, from both eastern and western packs, had joined in. He howled like he never had before, his mournful call reaching the heavens, begging some unknown god to perform a miracle and bring Kate back to him. He howled what little of his heart he had left.

The pain throbbed in his chest, the sorrow almost tangible in the mournful atmosphere. Humphrey's tears flowed, a river of pure sorrow, falling lightly onto Kate's dull fur, seeping into her blonde coat as if they could give what little life they held within. Humphrey felt his heart tear completely in two; he sobbed to the point he felt sick. His whole life he had loved her, had been dying to impress her, to make her notice, acknowledge him in some way. To maybe love him in return. He should have told her when they were mere pups. He should have told her on the train. He should have told her before he had left. Now all those months were wasted, the memories nothing but scars. Kate was dead, gone for good, and there was nothing he could do about it.

But there was one thing that hurt Humphrey even more than the loss of the one he loved most:

She died before he could say he loved her.

She died....before she could say she loved him in return.


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