I Heart the Heart (AJ Holmes Love Story)

I Heart the Heart (AJ Holmes Love Story)

AJ Holmes: Songwriter, pianist, singer, dancer, actor, StarKid
AJ is freakin' amazing! And VERY under-appreciated! So, in honor of his not-so-appreciated-ness, I'm writing a whole fanfic love story JUST for him! :)
I know he's really dating Ali Gordon (Vanessa from MAMD), but for now, that's just at the bottom of my worries:)
AJ confirmed AJ stands for Andrew James, though Ali always said it was Apricot Jelly. I thought it was Apple Juice:)

Chapter 1

Goodbyes and Christmas

"Andrew James Holmes!" I shouted across the room on our last day of high school. He was my best friend, whom I was in love with, and he hadn't signed my senior yearbook.
"Don't use my full name, Kristen Claire Jameson!" He shouted back. I shuddered at my gross name, and walked over to join him.
"This summer's gonna ROCK! We're going to Europe, right?!" I smiled, sitting on his desk as he was scribbling more songs.
"Not this year. Soon." He rolled his eyes.
"You know you're the only one who calls me that, right?" I asked, annoyed. I secretly liked it. "Anyway, when are you going up to Michigan?"
"Uhh.. About that..." He started putting his stuff in his bag, except his yearbook and red Sharpie. "Sooner than we planned."
"What do you mean, 'sooner than we planned'?" My heart started pounding
"In a month." AJ looked up at me with those, gorgeous, beautiful, brown eyes. "I'm sorry, KC, it's so soon, but my mom..."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah."
"Listen, I'm spending every single freakin' day with you until then, got it?" He grabbed my shoulders, looking me straight in the eye. He was so adorable.
"If you don't, dammit, AJ, I will come kill you!"
"And I would let you."

One month later. He had kept that promise. AJ and I hung out everyday. Even when I got strep from singing way too much, he hung out with me, sitting at my bedside, playing his keyboard which he brought with him everywhere.
"KC, KC, KC..."
"AJ, AJ, AJ..."
"I love you so effin' much. We will visit each other over breaks, got it?"
"I love you, too! Every single break! And if one of us is in a show, the other is required to go see it!"
"Unless of course, there is something major premitting it."
"Define major."
"Death of family or dog."
"No, you have to still come see me." He smiled, then hugged me. I never wanted to let go. "Call me every freakin' day."
"Everyday?" I asked, still hugging him. "Twice a day."
"Exactly! I will call you first thing in the morning, last thing at night."
"You better! Or else I'll hurt you!" I hugged tighter.

He came back for Thanksgiving for three days, and back for Christmas and New Year's for a week. My mom threw a Christmas party for our two families.
My parents befriended his after we spent so much time together when we became friends in 8th grade.
This Christmas was going to be amazing! All I had on my mental wish list was to be with AJ again. It was coming true.
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" His mom sang in her clear, beautiful, soprano voice as they arrived. I checked my make-up and hair for the trillionth time.
"Kristen?!" AJ called. I came bounding down the stairs and lept into his hug. He wrapped his arms tight around me.
"Andrew James Holmes, I miss you so effin' much!" I squealed.
"Kristen Claire Jameson! I missed you way more!" He shouted.
"Keep it down!" My dad yelled.
I rolled my eyes.
"AJ, honey, will you help Lily with the table?" My mom asked, pointing at my one and only younger sibling.
"Sure, Mrs. J!"

After dinner, I was standing under the doorway that leads into the living room with AJ. Of course, my mother thought it would be just hilarious to come up behind us and dangle miseltoe in front of our faces.
I blushed as red as the decorations. AJ looked at me, smiled his half-smile, and shrugged.
"Why not?" He asked.
And he kissed me. It was perfect, flawless, amazing. Maybe it was a little short, but who cares? My best friend, the boy I was madly in love with for three years now, AJ Holmes, kissed me.
When we broke apart, we were both smiling.
Of course, the moment was too perfect.
"AJ! Will you play Pretty Pretty Princess with me?" Lily asked. She used to ask him this every time he was over, and he had always promised her 'next time'.
"Lily, aren't you too old for that game?" He asked.
"I'm only six!" She whined.
"Fine, Lil, but only one round." He sighed and, to my disappointment, let go of me, to join my younger sister on the floor.
I went to sit in between my older siblings, Dan, happily married with two kids whom were asleep, and Sarah, the family success and rich one.
"So..." Dan started. "You and AJ?"
"What about us?" I asked. I could feel my face burning. I had never told anyone that I liked, or loved, AJ, let alone my brother!
"What was that kiss about?" Sarah asked.
"Miseltoe." I used my expeirence as an actress to keep the blushing down.
"Miseltoe?" Dan scoffed.
"Oh, please! You would've kissed that boy even if there wasn't a plant there!" Sarah laughed, obviously sensing, and enjoying, the embarrassment they were putting me through.
"No, I wouldn't." I got up to join AJ and Lily on the floor. AJ was wearing a pink clip-on earring, a purple bracelet, and was grabbing a yellow necklace.
"Not only am I a nineteen year old guy playing Pretty Pretty Princess, I'm a nineteen year old boy who's playing Pretty Pretty Princess and LOSING!" He mumbled.
"Aw, AJ, with that attitude, you'll never land on the crown!" I laughed.
"AJ, after the game, you can wear the crown, even if I win." Lily offered, trying to be nice.
"Oh, joy..."

An hour later, I was sitting next to the most pretty princess I've ever seen.
And he was letting me lean on his shoulder.
With his arm around me.
My heart was soaring. His arm was finally where I thought it should belong.
It was almost midnight, and the blizzard that followed the Holmes family to our house, hadn't stopped. They'd have to stay the night. Oh, darn.
"KC?" AJ asked, sleepily. I smiled.
"Merry Christmas."
"Merry Christmas, AJ."

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