Shades of Grey and Green

Shades of Grey and Green

Cassandra White only wanted to be normal. Between the visions and the occasional strange thing that happened around her, she had never fit in. However, that all seemed as though it would change with the arrival of a strange man at her house...

Chapter 1

The Start of it All

Cassandra White woke on her eleventh birthday almost too early. It was the middle of spring, the sun was shining, and she wanted to go back to sleep. At school, she was mocked for her strange gifts. There was no way for her to explain how she knew what would happen before it did. She hadn't asked for the gift of Forsight. With a sad sigh, she rolled out of bed and got ready for the day. Soon enough, school would be out and she'd be free to be strange all by herself.

Two Months Later

"Cassie! Breakfast, love!"

Cassie stuck a bookmark in her notebook and her pen behind her ear. School was finally out, which allowed her to spend more time puzzling out her visions. Lately they all involved a castle, boats, and a letter written in green ink.

Frowning, she made her way downstairs. Sitting in the kitchen was a strange man, one she'd never seen before.

"Hello, Cassandra," he said, smiling.

"Cassie, dear, this is Dogual Bones. He's here to talk to us about your special gifts."

"My gifts? Are you here to study me?"

Mr. Bones laughed. "Hardly. I am a governor at a school for those with special abilities, like yours."

She nodded slowly and sat down. "So I'm not the only one?"

"Hardly. You are a witch, my dear girl."

"A witch?" She glanced at her parents. "Do you really believe this?"

"Darling, we've known you're different since you were born. It makes sense," her father said.

She sighed. "So what's this school called?"



August arrived and Cassie boarded the Hogwarts Express with her new best friend, Susan Bones. Over the past few weeks, Susan had helped her come to grips with the truth of who she was. A witch. It was still hard to believe.

"What House do you think you'll be in?" Susan asked. "I'd like to be in Hufflepuff."

"Hmm... I think I'd be happy just about anywhere." They laughed.

"So long as you aren't in Slytherin!" Susan warned.

"I doubt I'd end up there. I'm a muggle-born, remember?"

During the boat ride to the castle, Susan and Cassie were seperated. It didn't matter though. They were so excited they hadn't even noticed. They were finally at Hogwarts. Cassie watched the black water, eager to see the giant squid that Mr. Bones had told her about.

Cassie stood next to the other first years in the Great Hall, very nervous. The Sorting Hat had already sorted quite a few students, including someone called Harry Potter, whose name had caused muttering among the crowd. Ron Weasley was sorted into Gryffindor. Only a few more people, she thought.

"White, Cassandra," Professor McGonagall called.

Cassie made her way up to the stool near Professor McGonagall. She sat down and set the Hat on her head. A voice whispered in her ear, trying to figure out which House to stick her in.

After what seemed like ages, it shouted, "SLYTHERIN!"

The silence was deafening. She was a Slytherin. How could that have happened? A glance at the Slytherin table told her she'd be as welcome there as she had been at the muggle school.

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