the new boyfriend

about the new hot boy who u can't get rid of...

Chapter 1

The Meeting

by: keelolo
It all started while i was chilling in Blue Hills, in my hometown of Jersey Shore. i was with my bestfriend Melvin, and he had his girl Alieah (who is my spirit twin) on the side of him. For the 10th time today they were making out, right in my face. Alieah was on his lap, and they ended up rolling over and she landed on her face. Me and Melvin started cracking up like we were full of acidic gas. That's when i looked up and saw the most beautiful, athletic, exciting boy EVER. he was standing over me and my skin was turning an off shade of blue... "Hey Pooh.." he said. i was dumbfounded. how the heck did he know my nickname, and who the heck is this perfect boy.?


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