Eat Me, Drink Me

Eat Me, Drink Me

This is not a vampire love story. I had a little vision after I listened to a Insane Clown Posse song, but I'm obviously not a producer or director so I'm sharing this horror with you lovelies.

Chapter 1

Red Carpet Grave

February 26, 1997: "On this night!" cried the tall man in black. "That Marilyn Sundown Heyerdahl has been born. We offer her to you, our master, Satan! That when she dies, she does your bidding until eternity ends! Until then we sacrifice Maria and Nolan Heyerdahl in the hope that you may bless this young one's life till the day she meets her fate." Maria and Nolan stepped into the light of the pyre to kiss their daughter one final time, then jumped into the fiery stack, hearts heavy with prayers for Marilyn.

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