poem for victoriaYou came out of nowhere♥

i didnt know how 2 tell u so i wrote a poem :*)

Chapter 1


by: ImADiick_
You came out of nowhere
and stole my heart
Without a single touch
without a single kiss
There you were my everything
all that my heart ever desired
All that my heart will ever need
lies all within you and your soul
The hours we spend chatting
the time we share will never be compared
Every song reminds me of you
Every dream i dream includes you
Every minute...every hour.....everyday i get closer to you
I want you in my life more and more
I don't care what people have to say about us
you were made for me and i was born for you
my best friend you will always be
You get me...understand me
you will never be compared to another
You stand alone ...above everyone else...Like a star you are
and forever in my heart.


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