Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 38

Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 38

Chapter 1

Chapter 38

by: ImBack_
-----Brooke's POV---
"Brooke?" Justin said as he was playing with my fingers. i really didn't mind though. I looked at him. He was looking down at my hands.

"I-i-i'm sorry." He said finally looking up at me. I gave a small smile.
"It doesn't changed anything right?" he sighed looking back down at my hands.
i shook my head and shrugged. "But you really believe that i would cheat on you with Jasmine? Brooke i would never do that."
"WELL I SAW YOU SUCKING HER FACE IN THE BATHROOM." I said a bit louder then needed.
"Do you know how bad and Stupid i looked when you said no? Brooke you really hurt me and i feel so bad....because i had that day planed."
He had taken out the ring.
"Can i see it?" I asked, stretching my arm out. He smiled a bit and handed it to me. I opened the box, to see the beautiful ring set down in the case. The stone was very big. It was made of detail. I took the ring out of the box and placed the box on my lap. I looked at it closely to see something carved on the out side.
I flipped it over and looked at the words beautifully engraved in the ring.
"Till the day i die i will love you." I read out loud. I feel like a piece of crap.
I looked away, from the ring at Justin. He was looking at me carefully. Watching me as i examined the ring carefully.
"How much did this cost?" i asked a bit blown away. I didn't really look at the ring that well before. He shrugged and scooted his chair closer to my bed.
I sighed and looked at him with disapproving eyes.
"How much did you spend?" His eyebrows knitted up with frustration.
He mumbled something i couldn't understand.
"WHAT?" i said a bit confused.
"not that know......"
"4,876 dollars." I began to choke a bit.
He nodded as a pleased smile appeared on his face.
"Having you was the priceless thing." The smile didn't stay for a long time. Soon it faded away. I finally understood. He said, 'Having you WAS the priceless thing." I slowly slipped the ring on my ring finger on my left hand. I held my hand out looking at it.
"It looks good." He said giving me a big smile. I chuckled and moved my hand.
"It does." i giggled. I really didn't want to take the ring off.
"You can keep it on till we leave...." He said. it must have been obvious.
"If you want." He added quickly. I gave a small smile. "uhhh....sure." I said.
He opened his mouth to say something when the door opened. A women walked in. I'm guessing the doctor. "Hello ms.Wicfield." She said before checking a few things.
"Ms. Wicfield we have a problem. Uhh....." She hesitated a bit.
"What?" Justin asked a bit concerned.
"Theres a chance of you, dieing during birth". I felt my heart drop.
"There's a chance i could die?" I said, a bit to calm. I was very shocked and out of words.
I looked over at justin. He looked horrible.
---Justin's POV---
"What are the chances?" I asked slowly slipping my hand into Brooke's.
The doctor sighed lightly and pulled up a chair.
"97 percent chance." She said sadly.
"WHATT??" I said. i was so shocked i stood up pushing my chair back.
"Justin calm down." Brooke said placing her arm on my shoulder.
"you could get an abortion?" The doctor said, springing a bit of hope back in my poor heart.
At the same time i said, "yes!" While brooke said, "NO."
I looked at her With wide eyes.
"What do you mean no? Brooke did you hear what she just said!"
"i'm not killing this baby! i'm not!"
-----Brooke's POV---
"Well that changes a lot of things." justin said stepping back.
Tears started to well up in my eyes.
"What do you mean that changes everything???" i looked as he slowly backed up till he hit a wall.
"Brooke....i'm not going to let you do this!" He shouted. "You're going to die! I'f you die then i die too." My eyes narrowed making the tears fall a bit.
"So, your threating in to kill yourself...if i die?" I have never seen justin like this before.
"Brooke." He hissed in a low and very frightening voice. "it's not a threat. It's a promise." and with that he marched out. The silent tears continued.
I looked down at my hands to see the ring.
"Till The day i die, i will love you." i said looking at the ring placed on my hand nicely. The tears dripped onto the ring.
My life is slowly crashing before me. I should just end it anyway.


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