Cold As You ( A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Cold As You ( A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

A series for all of the Vampire Diaries fans!
I Have become SO obsessed with Vampires Diaries and just love Ian Somerhalder
and Damon Salvatore as well.
So I felt I should start a new story and continue through with it if people like it...
Well, hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 10

Lets kick some vampire butt!

As I looked around everyone had emotionless face expressions.. I tried studying everyone, their faces all blank, I walked over to the open seat between Caroline and Damon; I sat down.

"Soo, did you guys find out anything about Annabella?" I asked, everyones eyes went to Stefan.

"Um yeah we did... Do you know if Alice adopted Annabella by any chance? She's much older than us..." he looked at me seriously as he spoke.

"Um.. No.. Alice never treats her differently or anything?" they all nodded their heads as I spoke, Stefan began to speak again.

"I think she compelled Alice to think that she was her daughter.. She may have some kind of motive behind this.. Possibly to get to you." he said frowning, I felt tears rolling down my face..

I was confused why did this happen to me? "W...Why is this happening to me?" I said looking to Damon now, he shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to say Caroline looked over to me smiling trying to keep my spirits high

"It's going to be okay, we're going to do some damage to Annabella and her boyfriend!" She said smirking, I began to laugh.

"Well thanks Caroline, I'm sure with all of you helping it'll be no problem... But what about me?" I asked curiously.

Damon looked at me. "You aren't doing anything, I don't want you to get invovled.."

"I'm already invovled! Annabella is my step sister, well at least she's my compelled vampire sister, who's out to get me! How do you expect to get Annabella or Joseph without me? If I'm what they're after, then I'm the only way you guys will be able to get to them! They won't come after Jeremy if you were even considering that." I was confident about what I said, I wanted to be apart of what they were going to do.. And I knew I made a valid point, they wouldn't be able to get to them without my help, Damon sighed and looked to Stefan.

"She has a point, Damon... If we want to get them before they hurt anyone Gabby will have to lurue them around her, so we can figure out where they are, and why they want her. We have no idea where they are so Jeremy is no help, and if we tried to hunt them ourselves. They would know there was more vampires here besides them. Gabby is our only option, she has an advantage with them." Stefan said.

"So what? We're going to use Gabby as a bait? And what if she gets her neck snapped before we can find them? We used Jeremy as bait because he knows what vampires are capable of, Gabby on the other hand doesn't!" Damon said furiously.

"Chill out, love.. We have Bonnie, she can put some kind of spell on me before I go and then I'll be fine. Plus doesn't this necklace I have on help me some?" I asked. Damon stared at me with strong madness in his eyes, I know he's worried about me but there's so many ways I can get around Annabella and Joseph without getting hurt. Damon sighed again.

"Whatever, if you want to risk your life and get your neck snapped off or your blood drained from two older, faster and stronger vampires go ahead, don't forget since they drink human blood they are extremely powerful, probably more than Stefan and Caroline. Not to mention whatever powers they may have, that we won't know about until we get there!" Damon screamed. He got up and walked out of the house, slamming the door shut. I shook my head, he was so ridiculous at times. He really has no reason to act so stupid, he always wants to be hard headed and argue with people. The rest of the time was quite in the house we all slowly began plotting in our head... It finally hit me, the plot in my head was bound to work.

"You guys, I have an idea!"

A/N: SOOO sorry for the late late late update on this story, I've had so much going on, but I'm starting to feel better. And I'm glad I finally got this up, I hope I didn't lose to many fans while I was on my break from this story.

Spanks n Kisses.

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