Cold As You ( A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Cold As You ( A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

A series for all of the Vampire Diaries fans!
I Have become SO obsessed with Vampires Diaries and just love Ian Somerhalder
and Damon Salvatore as well.
So I felt I should start a new story and continue through with it if people like it...
Well, hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 2

First day for changes.

I was in a deep peaceful sleep, when my alarm went off. I got up put on some clothes, fixed my hair, and put some make - up on.
When I was done getting ready I went downstairs and my Dad was sitting at the table doing work. "Ah, Gabby. I was waiting for you to get up." He stood up and hugged. "Why are you waiting for me?" I asked. "Well dear, I have a surprise for you.." He handed me a box and inside of the box was a key. I looked at him confused. " Go look in the garage, Gabriela." I walked in to the garage and there sat a brand new car. I started to jump for joy, I hugged my Dad and thanked him. Finally, I was on my way to school.. I parked next to a black Ferrari Porsche type car and went inside. I went to the office to get my agenda and my locker combination. My locker was next to girl with Brown hair. She smiled at me and came up towards me. "Hi, I'm Elena.. You must be new?" I looked up to her. " Nice too meet you Elena, I'm Gabriela. And Yes I'm new here"
We talked for a few and exchanged numbers so that we could hang out, and just as I was going to walk to class. A guy came up to Elena he was gorgeous. I knew it was her boyfriend by the way he looked at her, and since they kissed.
"Gabriela, this is my boyfriend Stefan.. Stefan this is Gabriela, she's new here."
We said hello to each other and I decided it was time to head to class. I went to my first period class which was Art. Where I met one of Elena's friends, Bonnie, her and I became close in the 45 minutes we had in first period.. Second period came which was English I walked in and seen a boy with dark messy hair, dark jeans and a dark shirt he looked way too old to be a high school student but i shook it off, he winked at me and I rolled my eyes.. I scanned the room for an open seat. But the only seat that was available was next to the boy with the messy hair. I went and sat next to him and tried my best to avoid him, I felt his eyes on me so I decided to say something. "Do you have a staring problem or something?" He started to smirk. "Well hello to you too, I'm Damon Salvatore."
He smirked again, which kind of annoyed me.. "Good for you." I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the teacher. "Well aren't you going to tell me your name?" I sighed from the annoyance of Damon. "Hmm, does it look like it?" he chuckled "Feisty one aren't you?" He winked at me once again, which led me to make a gagging sound. The rest of the class he didn't speak to me but watched me, I didn't get why he was, and I wasn't willing to let him see that I was getting mad so I just acted as if he wasn't there. The bell then rang, my third and fourth period went by like a blur, it was time for lunch.
I seen Elena, Stefan and Bonnie sitting at a table so I went to sit with them.
"How was your day so far, Gabby?" Elena said. I frowned thinking of second period. "Uhh, everything has been good besides 2nd period.. I met this guy named Damon, he's so full of himself and creepy." Stefan Elena and Bonnie all looked at each other, like they knew something I didn't know. Stefan began to speak. "Gabriela, Damon is my brother.. Please stay away from him he's very bad - actually, dangerous I should say. I wouldn't want you to get hurt because of him..." I tilted my head confused, at what he said. What did he mean he was dangerous? Was he a killer or something? I heard girls giggling and turned around to see what it was for.. Damon was at a table next to me surrounded by girls, they all were like little puppies around him. He was quite disgusting, I knew exactly how he was now.. And I knew exactly what Stefan meant by bad. Damon's a good looking guy, so of course he can play every girl in school. I looked at Damon with pure hate, I hated conceited guys like him. He sure wasn't about to fool me into being one of those puppies. I turned back around and chatted with Elena, Stefan and Bonnie. Telling them about New York and how much fun it was there.
Lunch was now over, and I had 5th period Biology. Stefan was in this class with me, our teacher told us we had a project so Stefan and I decided to work together.
"Stefan... When you meant Damon was dangerous what did you mean?" Stefan tensed up. "Uhm, there's a lot of things that I can't really tell you about him." I shrugged my shoulders and went back to some of the project. The bell rang and we weren't even half way done with the project. "Gabby do you want to come over tonight so we can do some more of this project?" "Sure" He wrote his address down on a piece of paper and we went our own ways the rest of the day was a blur, and I was on my way to the Salvatore's home.

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