Cold As You ( A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Cold As You ( A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

A series for all of the Vampire Diaries fans!
I Have become SO obsessed with Vampires Diaries and just love Ian Somerhalder
and Damon Salvatore as well.
So I felt I should start a new story and continue through with it if people like it...
Well, hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 3

Salvatore's home.

I pulled in to view of a boarding house, it was beautiful, in my eyes at least. It looked ancient, but it was very nice. I stepped out of my car and headed to the door and rang the doorbell. Just my luck Damon was the one to open the door, we stood looking at each other for a few minutes. Somewhere in those few minutes a smirk had grew upon his face. I finally decided to speak up since he I hated the smirks. "Is Stefan home?" He stood still staring at me. "Uh, no. He'll be home in awhile. Come in." He motioned his hand for me to come in, I walked in and the house was beautiful. "Wow.. Everything here is so beautiful." I stated. "More like ancient." He replied. I rolled my eyes and looked around at everything. He walked in to another room so I followed, we sat down on a couch. I looked down playing with my hands, I felt Damon's eyes on me.. So I looked up, " why do you keep staring at me?" He smirked. "You're just so beautiful.." He cupped my face in his hands, I really didn't know what was happening everything came so fast. One minute I was sitting here, and now... My lips were against Damon Salvatores, I snapped back into reality, I pushed Damon off of me. "What the he// ? I'm not playing your little games, so stop messing with me!" I stood up and was so infuriated (sp?) What was wrong with me? Why didn't I pull back when he kissed me? Did I really want that? Or did I just get lost in the moment? He began to chuckle this evil type of laugh, he stood up and came face to face with me, smirking and looking into my eyes. "What game are you referring to?" He came closer and closer until our bodies met he never left my eyes. "This....Sick kind of game you're trying to play.. I know your type Damon. And I'm not falling for it. Some girls might be stupid enough for it, but I'm not." I backed away, and at that moment Stefan came in to the house. He walked into the room where Damon and I were at, he looked at Damon with an evil look. Damon started to walk out the room but stopped midway out the door. " It was nice seeing you, Gabby. And by the way game on." He winked and walked out the room. I rolled my eyes and looked towards Stefan, I was very annoyed at this point. " Are you ready to start this project Stefan? He nodded his head and lead me to another room, we begun the project and it was finally around 7:30. I decided to call it a night although we weren't exactly done, Stefan was to come to my house tomorrow after school so we could finish the project peacefully with out distractions from Damon. I got home and my Dad and Alice were sitting at the table. My Dad looked up from reading the paper. "How was your day honey?" I smiled. "Great,!" "See, I knew you'd like this town." I smiled again. "Yeah, I guess you're right Dad. I made some good friends already today." I ate some food and went upstairs to do some homework, and get ready for school in the morning. When I was done, I sat down in my bed and got my diary out.

Dear Diary, today was good for the most part.. I never would have thought Mystic Falls would have such great people. There is this guy.... & there's this guy... Damon, I don't know what it is about him. I just have pure hate for him, but yet I'm attracted to him. He's such a player, ughh! I fear something is wrong in Mystic Falls, I feel like there's something my new friends aren't telling me. And I just can't shake this feeling I have. Hopefully I'm just crazy.. Well good night diary.

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