Soul Eater Talk Show!

Soul Eater Talk Show!

slight mention of yaoi,but enjoy.

Chapter 1

Numbah 1

Starring; Death Himself!
Death: Well hiya, hello, how are ya!? Thanks for joining me on our first airing of Death Academy’s Talk show! Our first guests are our favorite, wild haired weapon, and his extraordinary meister, Maka and Soul!
Soul: sits down Hey guys, I’m glad to be here.
Maka: Yeah me too!
Death: So, how do you two like working with each other? There’s been a lot of talk that you two should date…
Audience: OOOOOoooooohhhh….
Soul: Naw, I could never date Maka, she’s like a sister to me.
Maka: Yeah, same here. fist bumps Soul
Death: Ahh, and what do you think of the Academy?
Soul: It’s really cool, but I get lost like every day…
Maka: That’s because you have no sense of direction, you’d get lost in your own house if I wasn’t there!
Soul: Besides the point…
Death: Alright, let’s bring out the next guests, out favorite trio, one of which includes my own son, Liz, Patty, and Death the Kid!
Audience: YAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
Kid: Hello everyone, nice to join you.
Patty: OH MAH GOSH!!! I’M ON TV!!!!!!!!!! XD
Liz: Good job, sis…
Death: Welcome! So Kid, remind us again why you chose two weapons?
Kid: Isn’t it obvious? I chose them thinking I would have two perfectly symmetrical partners, and yet, when I saw them THEY WEREN’T SYMETRICAL. At least not as humans, as weapons, they are one in the same… Absolutely balanced…
Soul: Nut job…
Death: Right… Anyway, Liz, Patty, what do you think of Kids OCD with symmetry?
Liz: well, it’s not that bad, but in the heat of battle when he goes ballistic over the way he tore of the toilet paper in his bathroom before we left, yeah, it can get pretty annoying…
Patty: He’s insane, but we love him!
Kid: …….
Death: Alrighty! Time now, for our next guests, Crona and Ragnarok!
Audience; Whoooooooo yeah!
Death: Hi Crona, come on, don’t be shy. Come sit with the rest of your classmates!
Maka: Hi Crona!
Crona: OK…
Ragnarok: C’mon you little slug, get out there! I wanna be on TV!
Death: So Crona, please answer the one question weve all been wondering… Are you a girl or a boy?
Crona: Well, actually, I’m a-
Maka: Shame on you! How could you not tell what gender Crona is? Pink hair, dress, shyness, it’s obvious she’s a girl!
Crona: Actually Maka, I’m a boy…
Maka: … ….
Soul: Haha, good one Maka, I knew what gender he was.
Patty: If you’re a boy, then why do you wear a dress!?
Crona: Actually, it’s not a dress, it’s like a robe.
Ragnarok; Heh heh, he also wears Hello Kitty underwear!
Crona: Ragnarok! Don’t say stuff like that! I don’t know how to deal with that!
Kid: so, Crona… What are your thoughts on Yaoi?
Crona: What’s Yaoi?
Soul: * whispers something into Crona’s ear*
Crona: Oh my! That sounds like it hurts! I don’t know how to deal with that!
Kid: Actually, it can be quite… pleasurable….hehehe…
Crona: blushes
Kid: * tackles Crona*
Death: Alright! We’ll be back after the short break! in background-Soul: Whooo! Go Kid!


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