Your Naruto Romance! (For boys and Girls!)

OK,Your 15 just so you know. So if your a boy, skip the chapters that are named For Girls till you get to the ones that say For Boys. If your a girl..Then just read on till you see a chapter that says, For Boys. Ok so girls your names are Yuki Ando. Boys your names are Akio Suzaki. The chapter that says Meet Yourself, That allows you to get to know your character! Okay! Why not we get started? (Where I come up with these names I'll never tell! Mwahaha! XD)

Chapter 1

Meet Yourself

This chapters about what your character's like and who your love interest is!

Girls: Your name is Yuki Ando, You are confident, self assured, The exact opposite of your BFF Hinata Hyuga. But your crush on the same guy, Naruto Uzamaki, gets in the way of your friendship. You are 15, and your in the Shippuden version. Your worst enemy: Ino Yamanaka. She's the cool girl of Konoha High school and doesn't like the fact that your prettier than her. OK so that's it for Yuki.

Boys: Your name is Akio Suzaki. You have a lot of pride and you hate to lose. Your pride actually gets in the way of your studious behaviors a lot! You have a best friend, Kiba Inzuka. Your crush: Temari. (Sorry IDK her last name!) Which kinda leaves a big space between you and Shikamaru, who also has a big crush on Temari. Your Rival: Sasuke Uchiha: The man who get's all the girls and has them drooling over his feet. Now, that's enough of Akio. Let's begin our story.

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