Your Naruto Romance! (For boys and Girls!)

OK,Your 15 just so you know. So if your a boy, skip the chapters that are named For Girls till you get to the ones that say For Boys. If your a girl..Then just read on till you see a chapter that says, For Boys. Ok so girls your names are Yuki Ando. Boys your names are Akio Suzaki. The chapter that says Meet Yourself, That allows you to get to know your character! Okay! Why not we get started? (Where I come up with these names I'll never tell! Mwahaha! XD)

Chapter 3

The New Guy (Boys Only)

Setting: At School, Discussing A Party.

Kiba: Yeah it's at my house. My parents are outta town next week so I have the whole place to myself!
Sasuke: Why are they outta town?
Kiba: On a mission to protect some Prince or something.
You: Lucky.
Sasuke: So, who ya gonna invite?
You: Why are you suddenly interested?
Kiba: You're serious!
Sasuke: It's no one.
You: It's Sakura! Isn't it!?
Sasuke: (Blushing madly) Shut up!
You: Ha!
Kiba: I thought you couldn't stand her.
Sasuke: I said I couldn't stand her, I never said I didn't like like her.
Kiba: (Laughing)
You: Aww come on Kiba! You have a HUGE crush on Hinata!
Kiba: She likes Naruto, remember?
Sasuke: Well you have a crush on Temari, Akio!
You: SHHHHHH! Shikamaru's gonna hear ya!
Shikamaru: I'm gonna hear what?
You: umm.. well.. That there are infinite amounts of taijutsus Rock Lee made, you should go see him BYE!
Kiba: Wow!
Sasuke: That has to be the worst save I have EVER seen!
You: Well he's my bud ya know? I can't just tell him. He likes her to ya know.
Sasuke: Whatever. See ya guys at the party OKAY!
You and Kiba: SURE!
Sasuke: Wait! I almost forgot! We're having a new guy today!
You: Wonder who he is.
Kiba: beats me. Come on we're gonna be late for our next class!

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