One cut. One mind. One broken heart. Our living hell.

One cut. One mind. One broken heart. Our living hell.

So this is a story about emo's kids and their lives. plz comment for next chapter. It's kinda like one of my friends story I read. I give her the credit if it sounds like hers. THIS IS NOT A REAL STORY!!!!

Chapter 1

Wounds that will never heal.

After the bus dropped me off at my stop, I didn't go home. I ran to my second home were my buddies and I meet after school. I used the key that the owner gave me and went inside. Two of them were there. One was tall, black hair, blue eyes, skinny jeans and a T-shirt. This is Skinner. "Hey Raven!"
"Whats up Skinner?"
"Nothing really. Reaper and the others are a little late." He replied.
"Okay. Glad your here. Same to you Shadow." Skinner's twin looked at me and nodded.
These aren't our real names we just made them up. "So what did your parents do this time?" Shadow asked.
"Well mom was gone. Again. So dad had the brilliant idea of getting drunk and started beating the snot out of me. Yours?"
"Same as usual. Mom didn't want us. Dad drunk. Haven't eaten all week at home." Shadow replied.
Trish slammed the door shut crying. She was a mess. Her shirt was torn and her hair was all messed up. "I thought I wouldn't make it but my dad just molested me!" She started bawling.
I wrapped my arms around her. "Did he let himself go?"
"Thankfully no. I knew that he was going to cause he's a drunky. I've had all my stuff packed incase if this happened. I stabbed him and ran out with everything I own. Even my knife." She held it up. It was oozing with blood.
I'm glad that the owner was nice enough to adopt all of us that use this house. We only had to live with our parents till something went wrong. There was some catches. Some of us didn't believe in God so we had to. I guess he is kind of helpful because when the owner read us the bible and devotions we felt very blessed by her and by God.
"Trish now you can live here. Your parents hurt you, everyone else will be home in an hour." Skinner added.
"Yeah I know. I'll put my stuff in my room." She ran upstairs and closed a door.
The house was built for us. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson (the owners) had fifteen bed rooms built for us. So that means fifteen keys to go with it.
"Shadow and I were thinking on moving here soon. If our parents don't change their ways we're leaving." Skinner said solemnly.
"I'm giving my parents the rest of the month to clear up." I added while finishing my homework.
I probably should tell you about the rest of my emo family. Reaper (Ron) is the oldest. Then there's Gunter (Jeff), Tuffy (Tiffany), El (Elizabeth), Shadow (Shawn), Skinner (Shane), Trish (Trisha), me (Ashton), Antidote (Anna-beth), Mega (Jessica), Barron (Brain), Axel (Arron), Karma (Kara), Jay-bird (Jacob), Chad (is Chad). So now you know. We're all sixteen except Axel, Karma, and Chad. They're fifteen cause well they're triplets.
"Okay you know what? Shadow lets get our stuff we're moving in. I've had it with mom and dad." Skinner huffed.
"You get it. Mine's been packed since this morning." He flipped a page.
"Fine." Skinner went out the door and drove away.
Great. Now Gunter, Tuffy, and I are the only ones that hasn't moved in (we're siblings if you haven't guessed). "Shadow, I'm going home. See you tomorrow or later on."
"See ya." As I closed the door he called the city.
When we do leave our parents house for good, we have to call the city and tell them that we are living at the Anderson's permanently.
When I got home I was greeted by Tuffy. "Hey Raven."
"Trish moved in." I replied.
"So he finally did it didn't he?" Gunter asked. Gunter and Tuffy are twins. They have brown hair like me but they have green eyes while I have brown eyes.
"Yup." I said in a shallow voice. Tuffy started crying. "Whats wrong."
"Dad killed mom."
"WHAT!?" Gunter and I yelled.
"He found out she was sleeping with other men and had other kids." She whimpered.
"We have to get out before he kills us." Gunter ran to his room and grabbed our bags. "Get in the car."
"Wait I have to get something!" I ran upstairs."
"Hurry!" Tuffy yelled.
I ran into our closet and grabbed our knives. Something gripped my shoulder and pushed me to the bed. I turned around seeing dad drunk and full of anger. "I'm going to pay your mother back." He went insane!
"Dad please, you don't have to do this!" He smacked me and ripped off my pants. I just noticed his were off.
"She thinks she sooo cleaver. Now its my turn." He rammed inside me and started to make thrusting movements really hard.
It hurt so much I screamed. "Gunter! Tuffy! Help me!" I started bawling.
A few seconds later Gunter and Tuffy ran in the room. "Dad get out of her!" She yelled.
Dad looked at Gunter then at Tuffy. For a split second I thought he would stop. He just grinned. My worse fears came to life. He started to spring in. "GUNTER GET HIM OUT!" He ripped him out just as the rest shot in the air. I just remembered he was our step dad so there was a chance that what ever went inside has a good chance of getting me pregnant.
I started to cry. Gunter held me in his arms. "You son of a b.itch! How could you do this to her!" He glared at him. "Tuffy find her pants."
"Got them." She handed them to me. The button was gone but they were well enough to wear them to the house.
"I hope you burn in hell dad. I really do." I slashed his junk and we all ran out of the house listening to his screams.
Tuffy called the cops. "Hello police? Our step father just molested Ashton and killed our mother." She listened carefully. "He is in her old room bleeding from his man parts. It was self defense....He was drunk! Yes we are heading over to our legal guardian. Good bye!" She hung up the phone.
We got to the house five minuets later. Tuff opened the door as Gunter helped me in. Reaper was tuning his guitar when we came in. Everyone looked at us. "What happened?" Shadow asked.
"He killed our mom and molested me. What do you think!?" I yelled and started bawling.
"Skinner, Axel, get their stuff and bring it to their rooms." Reaper ordered.
"Yes sir!" They ran out to the car then ran to our rooms with our stuff.
Reaper looked at Gunter then at me. "I've got her." He told him. Reaper held me in his arms. He was so warm; I pressed closer to him. He whispered in my ear, "I'm so sorry I wasn't there this time." He kissed my forehead.
"I know." I whispered back. I started to cry on his chest. He just held me closer.
Mrs. Anderson walked in. "Trish, Ashton, I just heard about what happened. Are you all right?" She sounded concerned.
"I'm fine. He didn't sprout inside me if thats what your worried about." Trish replied.
"But he got a little inside me." I added.
Mrs. Anderson hugged me. "Remember what I said, if your father does anything like this, I will not be angry if you abort that child."
I nodded and looked at her with bloodshot eyes. "Thank"
She smiled. "I guess I have all my babies here don't I?" We smiled at her. "It might be awhile till you get used to calling my husband and I your parents but we're not worried." She had a very sweet smile. She smelled like vanilla. She was a blonde and was about my height (I'm not that tall though).
"Thank you." We replied.
"No problem. Oh and your fathers have been arrested and thrown into jail for ten years." She directed that to Trish and I. We looked at each other and smiled. "Well I should go now. What are the rules?"
"Be at home by eleven." Trish replied.
"No drugs or getting drunk." Skinner added.
"No smoking in the house. Only the basement and outside." Tuffy finished.
"Good. Now finish your homework and enjoy yourselves." She left like that.
Reaper eyes were brown like chocolate and so full of hurt he never let go of me. He's a little taller than me but not that much. He has black hair with blond bangs.
Barron stood up. His blue clothes stood out with his deep blue eyes. He's a blonde though. "Hey why don't we just party? We have all our homework done anyways."
"Fine by me." Reaper replied.
"It's my turn to pick the disc!" Axel and Chad yelled. They looked at each other. "You!? No me!" They kept fighting and never noticed that Skinner slipped in a disc. He blasted the music. He likes Disturbed so thats what was playing. They looked at each other again. "You idiot!" Now they're on the floor fighting.We all laughed and started rocking out.
Reaper and I sat on the couch. I was resting my head on his chest while his arm was around my waist. "I think this will be an exciting adventure for the rest of us."
"Yeah." We looked at each other and smiled. Time went by quickly. I looked at the clock seeing it was 10:30 P.M. I turned the radio off. "Okay guys, time to go to our chambers."
Everyone was a little disappointed but we all said our goodnights. Reaper walked me to my room slowly. I stood in the entrance of the room and looked at him. He smiled and hugged me. "Night my Raven bird."
I hugged him back. "Good night my soul catcher." We kissed and I closed the door and went to sleep. Not the day I was expecting, but oh well. It wasn't all that bad.

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