One cut. One mind. One broken heart. Our living hell.

One cut. One mind. One broken heart. Our living hell.

So this is a story about emo's kids and their lives. plz comment for next chapter. It's kinda like one of my friends story I read. I give her the credit if it sounds like hers. THIS IS NOT A REAL STORY!!!!

Chapter 2

The Darkness

I couldn't sleep that night at all. I woke up around midnight and sat in my bed staring at the wall. Remembering I didn't eat dinner I snuck downstairs. I was about to go in the kitchen when I heard voices. "So is she okay doc?" I recognized that voice. It was Reaper! I peaked in. Strangely enough the doctor looked exactly like Reaper!
"How should I put this....."
"Please Derek don't leave me hanging!" Derek, were have i heard that name?
"Ron, the jerk did it." He replied. When he looked up I saw his reflection in the mirror.
He had black hair with yellow bangs. He was a tad bit taller than Reaper but not that much. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes in the world! Something was missing though.....I noticed he had piercing holes in his lip, nose, and eyebrows. He looked like Duce, Reaper's older brother.Then it hit me. "Duce?" I said that a little louder than I meant to.
"Shouldn't you be asleep?" He asked.
I stepped into the kitchen. "I was hungry and I couldn't go back to sleep."
He sighed. "I'm only asking you this once. Do you want me to take it out?"
He held up the supplies he needed to take it out. I looked down then at Duce. "Please do." I know I'm going to regret it but for now I don't want a child.
He smiled and held up a mask. "Breathe into this and you should be out in no time."
I nodded. "Okay." I laid down on the table and breathed into the mask. I was feeling drowsy and well I passed out.
I had the most wonderful dream ever. I was in a pasture with Reaper and we were surrounded by black roses. The smell was intoxicating. He picked one and gave it to me. He smiled and reached for my shirt. I backed away quickly. He gave me a sweeter smile. "Don't be afraid Raven." He reached out his hand and the next thing I knew I was being shaken.
I woke up feeling light headed. There was a bottle shaking in my face. "I shall put this in a better womb for you." Duce grimily said.
Reaper hugged me. "This will never happen again. I promise." A cat pounced on me. "Jason! Down you stupid cat!" He growled.
"Aw shut up Reaper." The cat can speak!
"Did he just talk?" I think I bumped my head a tad bit to hard.
"Yeah all of us do. We just wait until your ready." Jason replied.
"Weird...." Just as I said it a bird flew onto my shoulder. "Why hello there, whats your name?" I asked.
"Skylar." He replied.
"Are you permanently a bird?" I held him on my finger.
"No, you get to chose what I can be." He smiled.
I set him on the ground. "Well I've always wanted a husky." He must have knew what I was thinking of because he looked just like my drawing! Gray fur, yellow eyes, and black hair outlining his face. I hugged him. "We're going to be best friends!"
Duce smiled. "Now to bed. Both of you." He left the house.
I started walking up the stairs when Reaper gripped my wrist. "May I sleep in your room tonight?"
I shrugged. "Sure. But I'm warning you, it gets cold in there." I told him as we entered the room.
"Nice." He smiled.
I got myself comfy in the covers as he joined me. "Don't try anything." I whispered.
He hugged me. "Don't worry, I won't." He looked at my alarm clock and lit a candle. "Well its only 2 A.M"
I knew what he was pointing at, but I'm scared to do it. "Reaper, I'm scared."
He kissed my forehead. "I'm not going to hurt you." He started kissing my neck. It felt so good but so wrong. I took the blankets off and sat up. He looked at me confused. I hesitated "I-I want to see you."
He smiled sweetly and held the corner of my shirt. "But first, I want to see you." He slipped my pajama pants off. Then he pulled my shirt over my head and saw my bare chest. He smiled and hugged me. "You look beautiful."
I stroked his bare chest as he fumbled with his pants. I smiled. "Your not that bad yourself."
He gently laid me on the bed and we started kissing deeply. He stopped. "I'll be right back." He ran to his room. I sat here quietly waiting for him. He came back with a little packet. He opened it and wore it. "Not going to make the same mistake as your father did." He sat next to me.
I hugged him. "I'm ready." He gave me compassionate eyes.
He kissed my neck and slowly made his way down my body. There was a tingling sensation filling the inside and it started to get out of control. I opened my legs thinking it would release some of the sensation. He looked at me ready. "Are you sure your ready? Cause we can wait for a few weeks."
"Do it." I pleaded. He hesitated but slowly made his way in. I started wincing but relaxed after he was inside. We became one at last. I smiled at him and he grinned back. He started moving fast but not too fast. I started moaning in pleasure. "You can go any pace you want. It doesn't hurt anymore."
He stared at me but smiled. "Okay." As he moved faster the bed started shaking. I realized I was moaning louder and pressed closer to him.
I pinned him to the bed and started my share of this pleasure. "My turn." I blew the candle out to his chuckle. He clutched one of my bo.obs as I moved faster.
"You know, we're not that bad at this." He breathed heavily.
"Yeah. I know." I replied.
He grabbed a rope and tied my hands and legs to the bed post. "This should make it interesting." I grinned as he thrusted deeper and faster inside. If we didn't have school in a few hours we would have done this all night. He stopped and came out. He pulled it off and squirted all over my belly.
"Ew!" I laughed.
He cut the ropes and dried my belly grinning at the same time. "This time we should fall asleep." He got under the covers and wrapped his arms around me. "Night Raven."
"Night Reaper." The rest of the night we slept in each other's arms till the sun came dawning on us. Or when the stupid alarm goes off.

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