" I don't want to live, the persons whom I loved most were no more, life was so unfair to me, first it was mom and now its dad. Never had I fell deaf so near until today, little by little my life was leaving my body, I was suffocating, more precisely drowning, deep in my heart I knew that I had made the right choice, no one will miss me nor will I miss someone. Seem there's a light, oh its mom and dad hands in hands smiling to me, let my soul be in peace and here I am to join you two".

Chapter 1


"Alice, alice wake up are you okay, oh not she's fainting, one, two, three", what are those words echoing in my head, suddenly I fell water pulling out of my mouth, littel by little I open my eyes, a dim light was flashing on my face then I saw someone, a boy around my age, smiling to me". "Hello, how are you, you nearly scared me I thought that you'll never open your eyes, you should not have jumped from that cliff, its really dangerous a lot of persons had lost their lives there", the stranger said. It took me a few minutes to realise that I was not dead and suddenly I started bursting into tears"why, why, why, have you done that, you should have left me in the water drowning, I do not deserve to live", I wanted to go and run straight into where he'd found me but it was impossible to make a move, I feel numb, then I glance to see that person, he was really strange, he was looking towards the window as if someone was caling him then he looked into my eyes, placing his hand on my shoulder "Alice, you should sleep a little, you seem exhausted your questions will be answered tomorrow, now I beg you to sleep", his gaze was still on me, his eyes were blue as the ocean, he was good looking, he has a sympatic look, his expression was friendly, honest and innocent, I knew that he will not do anything wrong to me and he was right I was tired but he knew my name while I know that I have never seen him in my life before, this was really strange, "how can he know my name,who was he and why did he save me"?. I was about to ask him his name when suddenly I fell an unbearable tickling in my right arm then the only thing i saw next was complete darkness..............

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