- here's the new story; ii thought of it in church that's like really bad once you read it. But it's gonna be good.

Raine Lee Grays (Rae Lee)
Long curly chocolate brown hair
blue eyes

Chapter 1

It's a hard knock life

PUSH! No that's exactly what I'm not doing. It felt like I was [shitt]ing knives. The nightmare was almost over right? I pushed once more and I heard crying it was over. Now get her to surgery yelled the doctor. I had a broken pelvis so that made child birth less painful I thought very sacarstically. After this operation we were moving and going to have a better life. I was [rap]ed but he wasn't convicted because he was my boyfriend and he ran I was ashamed that I got pregnant so the jury ruled in his favor. But hopefully it would be different. They put the mask on me and I fell asleep only to wake up to crying. What time is it I asked my dad. My mom disowned me after the decision in court and when she found out that I might keep them. Yes them, twins; fml.

The pain was unbareable. The nurse gave me my pain medicene and said I was getting discharged soon. I was going to keep the two boys; the couple crapped out because they got pregnant; and only wanted one. I know it's pretty stupid for me to keep them but What was I supposed to do? I named one Lennon and the other Brad from my two favorite bands. Queen and Beatles. I held Lennon he calmed down and snugged close to me. Dad had Brad and then he put Brad in my arms. In heinsight I was 16; junior year, it was going to be twice as hard, but wouldn't be worth it? But when they were older could I ever tell them how they got here? I couldn't fathom them even knowing that. But they were so beautiful. Pink; gray eyes and almost blond curly hair. Dad got my stuff and the nurses helped me, they were both healthy Lennon was 7lbs. 7 ounces Brad the same exact weight. The nurse said it was very uncommon but ii ignored here until she told me how to take care of them.
After the hospital, we went home dad packed our stuff while ii took care of the twins. We were going to drive from Wisconsin to Washington this is going to be fun.

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