A Longshot at love

A Longshot at love

Yay! Another Avatar fanfic! As you can see, its about Longshot. You dont know who he is?!? He the best archer ever! Gosh! I will put a random Avatar pic in each of the chapters. Now onto the info!

Looks: Hair in her face, never smiles, brown hair to middle of back, freckles, blue eyes
Name: Ara
Acts: Rarely talks, mysterious, shy
History: No one knows where she came from.
Age: 12 [same as Longshot]
Other:Is a freedom fighter a forgotten one in the stories, uncomfortable around strange

Chapter 1

What happened?

I opened my eyes to a figure in the morning light. "Hey, you. Whats your name?" I sheilded my eyes from the sun and saw a boy two years older than me, by the looks of it. He had a piece of wheat in his mouth. I looked down at my clothes, they were green and brown. I dress over pants. I looked around and saw a bow and quiver full of arrows beside me. I looked back up at the boy.
For some reason, the name Ara came to mind, but i wasnt sure if it was mine. "Ara." I said quitly "Well, Ara, you lost?" I was silent. "You got a family?" I looked at my bare arms and saw burn marks. I had a feeling that i didnt, not anymore. I shook my head. He held out his hand.
"Well, Ara, I'll give you a new family. Come with me." I took his hand and left, taking my stuff with me. I looked around and saw that we were in the middle of a forest. "Im Jet. You ever heard of the Freedom Fighters?" I shook my head. "You dont talk much do you. You remind me of a friend of mine. You'll love the Freedom Fighters. We're all family." I nodded. We stopped at a random spot. I looked at him confused. "Wait for it."
We were waiting for a while. I could hear birds chirping in the distance. I heard something above us too. I looked at him confused again. Then he smiled and pulled me towards him. Then we shot up into the trees.
I clung to him at first, looking down at what used to be solid ground, now hidden behind branches. Then i looked up and saw treehouses. We launched in the air a bit and landed on a platform. I felt a little dizzy and was about to fall, then a big guy with no smile, like me pulled me back.
"Be careful, little lady. You could get hurt way up here." "Sneers." "What? Im telling the truth." I rolled my eyes and went to look around. Then i felt arms pulling me by my waist. I blushed as Jet pulled me back.
"I'll show you to your room. Ok. Then you can get dressed and i can introduce you to everyone else." I nodded and he walked across a bridge, i followed. He opened a curtain to a small room. "You're gonna have to share with Smellerbee until we can get another room made up. We're gonna have to use one of the storage rooms..... Ah, well. Anything for another Freedom Fighter. See you soon, Ara." I was about to ask him what a Freedom Fighter was, but he left.
I blew my hair out of my face, but it went back to place. I shrugged and took off the pack that was on my back. It had a bandana, brush and some extra clothes in it. I put my long hair up and covered it with the bandana, so it stayed up, little strands of it left down.
I looked down at what i was wearing and thought it uncomfortable and unflexible. I ripped the skirt off and made it a belt to wrap around under my flat chest. I looked in the cracked mirror in the corner. I looked like a boy, and it was strangly comforting. I found a flower in my bag and put it behindf my ear. I sighed and went back out, my hair in my face and my bow and quiver on my back.
"Wow, you sure transformed. Lets go, its breakfast time." He pulled me across the bridge again. We entered a pavillion with a bunch of people on the only table in the middle of it. I shrank back, but Jet pulled me along. "Dont worry they wont bite." I trudged on with an annoyed look on my face.
Everyone went quiet as Jet came over with me. My cheeks burned as all eyes were on me. There were four kids in all. One small one, one a few years younger than me, one much larger, and the other was Sneers. "Everyone, this is Ara. Smellerbee, Ara will be staying with you until we make room for her elsewhere." The one named Smellerbee nodded.
Then the large one spoke up. "But shouldn't he stay with one of us. For privacy issues." I gave him an annoying look and was about to go over and slap him when Jet put his hand up, blocking me from doing so. Then Smellerbee spoke up. "She's a girl, idiot." The all looked confused. "She's like me! Gosh, sorry, Ara, they can be a bit dumb sometimes." I nodded in amusement, but didnt smile.
"Now that we have that out of the way, Ara this is the Freedom Fighters. Smellerbee, The Duke, Pipsqueak, Sneers...... Wheres Longshot?" They all shrugged. "Ah, well. They'll meet eventually, lets eat." They all sat and dug in. I took a plate of food and left.
I climbed to the very top off a tree with one hand. How did i do that? I shrugged it off. I sat on a branch and leaned against another one. I heard something in the tree beside me, just the slightest padding of feet. I put my plate down and notched an arrow in my bow. How did i do that so fast? A boy came from behind some branches. For some reason, i didnt feel the need to protect myself. I lowered my bow and sat back where i was, and ate my food.
He looked at me quizzically, lowering his bow. I read his face. Who are you? I hoped he could read my face well too, because i sure was not going to talk. Are you the Longshot Jet was talking about? Interesting. Im Ara. New Freedom Fighter. He narrowed his eyes at me. You can understand me? He sat in front of me, hanging his foot in the air. Loud and clear. We sat there for a little bit in silence.
After i was finished eating, i jumped down the tree branches as light as a feather. I looked back up at Longshot behind me. Im a girl, by the way He smiled and jumped down right beside me, getting a bit too close. I back away a little. I know. I nodded and went back down. Hoping he couldnt tell that i was blushing.
By the time we were down, they were looking for us. I snuck up behind Sneers. "Hi." He jumped and almost fell over. I smirked and went back over to Smellerbee, who had found Longshot. She was laughing and Longshot was close to doing the same thing.
Jet came over to us, arms crossed and a half-smile on his face. "I see you've met Longshot." I nodded. "Well, since you've been gone, which was for two hours, by the way, we've cleared a storage room. Right between mine and Longshots room. Is that ok?" I nodded. "You should go get your stuff from Smellerbees room and bring it to yours." I did so and saw that the room had flowers decorated in it. Must be because im a girl, but its a nice touch. I put my stuff beside the bed in the corner.
I could tell that being a Freedom Fighter with no memories will be interesting.

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