A Longshot at love

A Longshot at love

Yay! Another Avatar fanfic! As you can see, its about Longshot. You dont know who he is?!? He the best archer ever! Gosh! I will put a random Avatar pic in each of the chapters. Now onto the info!

Looks: Hair in her face, never smiles, brown hair to middle of back, freckles, blue eyes
Name: Ara
Acts: Rarely talks, mysterious, shy
History: No one knows where she came from.
Age: 12 [same as Longshot]
Other:Is a freedom fighter a forgotten one in the stories, uncomfortable around strange

Chapter 14


The next events were fuzzy. I remember very few things. But Li was there, like in my vision. He was the blue spirit. Then i shifted to my other vision. The one of Jet, dead. I heard some footsteps outside the room. I looked over at them. "Bee! Help Jet away from the middle of the floor. Longshot and i will defend. Lets try get back up to the surface." They nodded, getting more serious. Bee wiped the tears from her eyes and dragged Jet over to the door.
I got my bow ready, and so did Longshot. Again, more blurs. This time all i could see was red and green. Green of the Dai Li agants, red of,, well, what came from of the Dai Li agents. We eventually got to the entrance, before the thing crumbled away.
I breathed heavily and wiped the sweat and blood from my brow. I looked over at Bee, who was leaning over Jet. "Jet. Jet wake up. Jet!" She slammed his chest in frustration. Then he flinched, and blinked. "Jet, Jet y-your alive!" She tackle hugged him. "Ow." "Oh, sorry." We helped him up. "I cant believe all he needed was a punch in the chest. We helped him all the way to our shed. THen we layed him on the ground.
He started to cough up blood. "Longshot, go into town. Get help. Hurry." He nodded and ran. We leaned over Jet and i took his hand. "Its going to be alright, Jet. Dont leave." Smellerbee started crying as he started to close his eyes. "No, Jet. Please, keep your eyes open." He coughed up some more blood.
"i-I saw them." "Saw who?" "Our parents, all of our parents, even mine. I couldnt see their faces, but i knew it was them. They said that i did a good job in taking care of you all. That i was a marvelous leader. They were going to say something else, a warning, but then i came back." I sighed. "You are a wonderful leader Jet. Always remember that. You're brave, charismatic, loyal, determined. One of the best leaders out there."
I started crying as he closed his eyes again. Smellerbee lifted her fist in the air, slamming it down. I stopped her before she could hit him. "Wait, i hear something. Someones outside." I looked behind us and Longshot was dragging a woman behind him.
"Longshot! Whos that?" "Why did you take me here? Who are these people1 Oh, I get it. I'll try to help." She sat beside Jet. "H-hes not breathing." Then i think Bee cracked. "I know what to do!" She raised her fist again, and the woman flinched. Longshot and i pulled her out. I peeked through the door. "We'll just wait out here." She nodded and took a canister of water. Waterbender. Healing. Hopefully she isnt too late.
I turned back to Longshot and Smellerbee, who were sleeping already. "Guess i should follow their example. I sat beside them and fell asleep.
I woke up to the woman coming out. "I think i've done it. You can see him now." I sat up, and shook the other two. They rubbed their eyes and stared wide-eyed behind me. "Hey, guys. Happy birthday, Bee." Bee rushed up and hugged him. "Jet! You're alive!" I sat up. "B-birthday? Oh! I was going to make the cake last night! Oh! Now i have to hurry. I gotta go, byw. Thank you..." "Nikka. My name is Nikka." "Thank you. For bringing our friend back."
She put her jacket on and turned to leave. Then looked back. "Anything for a freedom fighter." Then she left. I looked back at them. "Who- Nevermind, i gotta get to work to make the cake." I rushed next door, and saw Mushu and Li talking to the manager. "Sorry, but i have a tea shop. Its called the jasmine dragon. We quit." "But, you cant quit." I went over to them. "i wuit too. Hey, can you help me make a cake, Mushu? Its my friends birthday today." "Of course. Lets go! To the jasmine dragon."
I followed them to a different building. We made the cake and i thanked them. Then Li followed me. "Listen, about last night." "You're the blue spirit. Youlet go of your past. All that stuff." "Well, you're missing one thing." I put the cake down and turned around. "What? What am i missing?" "I-Im not Li. That isnt my name. My name is Zuko. Im prince of the fire nation." "What?" I took the cake and ran.
""Wait! ou dont understand." He grabbed my arm and turned me around. "What? What dont i understand? Than you killed my family. That you gave me these burns." "That wasnt me it was-" "It was still your people. And thats just as bad." I jerked my arm away and started waking back to the shed.
"Im not like the others." "No, you were banished. I know. Just because i have amnesia, doesnt mean i cant read." "But, my people are-" "Your people? Your people ruined me and my friends lives. Your people are what made me like this! Just leave." "Augh! I thought you'd be different! That you wouldnt blame me for my fathers mistakes."
I turned back and glared at him. "Guess im not. Leave, Zuko. I never, ever want to see you again." "Fine.... Bye, Ara." "Dont call me Ara. You arent my friend." I ran off to the shed and put a smile on my face. "Happy birthday, Smellerbee!"
I put the cake on the ground in front of where she was sitting. She looked down at it, then back up at me. "Thank you, Ara." I gave her my wrapped sword, which i bought a while ago. She ripped off the paper. "Oh, my god! A new sword!" She started swinging it around.
"Woah! Just dont kill us." We all nodded in agreement. She laughed. "Sorry." Then Longshot gave her the new red headband. We all laughed and had fun the rest of the time. We even had a cake fight.
"Ok, im going to get clean. Jet, you're coming with me." 'But-" "Jet! I said, you're coming with me." He nodded and we left. "So, why'd you want me to come?" "Smellerbee and Longshot are having a picnic right now. Its sunset." I pointed to the sun, which was indeed setting.
I stripped my clothes off until i only had my underclothes on. Then i jumped in the river. Jet jumped in after me. "Yeah, that sky sure is pretty." I blushed and sunk into the water. "Uh, yeah. Well, im glad you're alive Jet." "Yeah, i bet. its going to be alright Jet? Dont leave Jet?" "Shut up. You were dying!" I splashed him, then he started splashing me.
We ended up wrestling in the water, dunking each other. I was standing in the water, looking around for him. He wasnt on the surface. "Jet?" Then i felt something push me up. I looked down and Jet was holding me up in his arms. "Uh, hi." "Hey." "Can you put me down now?" "Oh, yeah. Sure."
He put me down, but didnt let go. "Uh, i think we better get back now." He nodded and we got out. I wrung out my hair and put my clothes back on. We walked back. No, i cant be falling for him too. I looked at Jet as we went inside.
I shook off the feeling and went to bed.

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