A Longshot at love

A Longshot at love

Yay! Another Avatar fanfic! As you can see, its about Longshot. You dont know who he is?!? He the best archer ever! Gosh! I will put a random Avatar pic in each of the chapters. Now onto the info!

Looks: Hair in her face, never smiles, brown hair to middle of back, freckles, blue eyes
Name: Ara
Acts: Rarely talks, mysterious, shy
History: No one knows where she came from.
Age: 12 [same as Longshot]
Other:Is a freedom fighter a forgotten one in the stories, uncomfortable around strange

Chapter 15

Abrupt endings

My dream that night was of this.
It was of a wedding. I couldnt see whos it was, but it wasnt mine. It was happy. Just a glimpse of it before something exploded. I looked over and saw a young boy covered in sulfur. "The Duke! Its our wedding! What were you doing?" "Testing fireworks. Dont think it worked too well." I giggled, then saw the bride. It was Bee, im guessing the groom was Longshot.
Then i woke up, right before dawn. I sighed. We just werent meant to be. I started packing uo my stuff. Then i left, taking the ostrich-horse with me. I felt someone get on behind me.
"Arama ,what are you doing?" I turned to glance at who it was, then looked back at the road. "Longshot, leave me be. I need to go." "No, you dont." "Yes, i do. I tried. I took a ahem longshot at love and it failed. Now i know that i need to leave. That i was sent to you guys to get over my amnesia. I've gotten over it, i know my story. Who my family is. Now i need to go out on my own. This is, sad to say, good bye. Tell the others i said good bye as well."
He nodded, understandingly and jumped off. A tear came from my eye. Good luck, without me. I rode off, not thinking about where i was going. Just that i was going somewhere.

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