A Longshot at love

A Longshot at love

Yay! Another Avatar fanfic! As you can see, its about Longshot. You dont know who he is?!? He the best archer ever! Gosh! I will put a random Avatar pic in each of the chapters. Now onto the info!

Looks: Hair in her face, never smiles, brown hair to middle of back, freckles, blue eyes
Name: Ara
Acts: Rarely talks, mysterious, shy
History: No one knows where she came from.
Age: 12 [same as Longshot]
Other:Is a freedom fighter a forgotten one in the stories, uncomfortable around strange

Chapter 2


After i was unpacked, i went back to solid ground to look around. I was walking aimlessly, not really concentrating on what was in front of me. I came back to reality and saw that i was walking through some burned buildings. I looked around and it seemed so familiar. I rubbed the burns on my arms as i walked around the town. Then i saw a small hut that had no roof and the walls around the door.
It wasnt any more different than any of the others. Just the first one i came by. I went into a room in the back. It looked to be a girls room. A young one at that. The bed was burnt and so was everything else. It almost made me cry. I covered my mouth so i wouldnt sob.
A tear went down my cheek. I saw a small green thing in the corner. I went and picked it up. It was a small doll. It was still intact, just a little charred. I put it in my pocket and left. Who did this? Why would they harm innocent people?
I heard someone coming towards me. I turned the corner and ran. I heard them running after me and i ran into a store with the front walls still intact. I hid under the window and caught my breath. Then i heard them outside. I held my breath as they walked past.
I looked up to see who it was, it was Longshot. I sighed and went outside. He turned and smiled. His hat was on him, so i couldnt see his eyes, but then again, he couldnt see mine. Hey, Ara. Whats this place? I went over and gave him the doll. I dont know. A twon in ruins. It seems so familiar though. And this doll, the only thing still intact here. Who did this?
A tear ran down my cheek again and he looked away. "Longshot?" He looked up, shocked. You talked. I nodded. Longshot, what happened? Who did this to these people? He sighed and sat down, i sat down beside him. We faced each other, his face was serious.
The fire nation. That name scared me, i dont know why, but it did. What? He looked around nervously, as if not wanting to be found here. They torture most earth kingdom villages and towns. Burn it down when the people there dont cooperate. I put my hand over my mouth again. Thats horrible. He nodded.
We should get back. Its dinner time now. I looked at the sky and the sun was setting. I had no idea that we were gone that long. I stood up. Longshot. I have a question. He stood up too. What? We started walking and i looked at him, he was relatively taller than me. Well, majorly taller than me. Why did you follow me? He blushed, it was cute. You're new. I was worried. I rolled my eyes. I can take care of myself.
He nodded and we kept on walking. Then he stopped, i did too. He held out his hand and i took it. Then he did the same thing Jet did when we went up. I felt more safe in his arms. I looked up at him and he was looked upwards. He looked handsome, but i saw the way Smellerbee looked at him. I knew i shouldnt get into it.
I shook the feeling off as we landed. I felt dizzy again and almost fell. But this time, instead of Sneers catching me and pulling me up, Longshot did. He pulled me up towards him, we stayed staring at each other for a moment, but i realized what was happening and moved away. I have to go to my room. See you at dinner. He nodded and and we went seperate ways.
I rubbed my arm as i was thinking of what just happened. No, we cant- He cant- Smellerbee........ Why must my life be so hard? I crossed the bridge to the room hut things without thinking about where i was going. Even though my life so far hasnt even been a day. Still!
I walked into my room and sat on the bed. I looked around and realized that it looked different. Some sketches of Smellerbee and the others were on the walls. The flowers that were there before werent there anymore. Then i realized that it wasnt my room. I ran out embarassed and blushing.
I ran into my actual room, which was to the right of that room. I sighed and lied down on my bed. Again, so hard. And frustrating. Wonder whos room that is. The sketchings were amazing. Well, it could only be either Longshot or Jets.
I took off my bandana, letting my hair fall to my back. I looked in the mirror. Well, i look like a girl, kinda pretty actually. I guess. I dont know. Time for dinner
I ran out of my room and, literally, ran into somebody. It was Jet. I blushed. "Oh, hey Ara. I was just coming to get you. Its time for dinner." I nodded and we left, his hand on my back. It made me feel uncomfortable. I tried walking faster, but he kept up. I tried walking slower, but he pushed. He was determined to keep his hand on my back. I sighed in annoyment as we entered the pavillion.
Dinner was a blur of laughing and food. I sat on the edge of the table, beside Pipsqueak. Who is the large one, surprising. At one point, everyone was throwing food. I sighed and pushed my food around. "You not hungry?" I looked up, realizing that Pipsqueak was talking to me. I shook my head. "Its ok. You can go. Its The Duke and Longshots turn to clean up this meal." "Aw! Pipsqueak!" "No, you have to do your share of work."
The Duke pouted as i left. After i got back to my room, i lied on my bed and closed my eyes. I didnt go to sleep though. I sang, i dont know why, but i sang.
"As the forest is silent, so am I.
At night i travel, As dark as the sky.
No one sees me, no one but you.
You understand me, and show me things i never knew.
Our love may be real, but our journey is-"
I shot up and stood. It was Smellerbee. I blushed. "No, no. You were good. I just came to say- Well. Im glad you're here. Its nice to have another girl here.I mean, the guys are cool and all, but sometimes i have.... issues that the guys might not want to talk about. Secrets i know they will tell each other, even if its about the other one. Anyways i need to ask you something."
I sat down and patted the spot beside me. For some reason, this kind of thing i was fine with. "What is it?" "You talk?" I nodded. "Well, anyways. What i wanted to ask you was.... Well.... Am i pretty?"
The question came as a shock to me. After a moment i nodded. "Really, you dont think i look like a guy?" I looked at her in amusement. "Yes, i know you look like one too, but thats only with the bandana. Without it, you look like a girl. But me? Im full on guy. I was wondering if i looked pretty." "Smellerbee, you make a gorgeous boy." She smiled. "Thanks, Ara. You're a great friend. Hey, can i tell you something?" I nodded. "You wont tell the guys? Not even Longshot. Especially not Longshot." I nodded.
"Okay, i kinda, maybe like Longshot." "I know." "What?" I stayed silent. "How?" I shrugged. "Ara!" I looked at her. The way you look at him. Its obvious, i cant believe that the others dont know too. "Really?" I nodded. Now go She nodded and left.
I went to my pack and took out a white nightgown with billowy sleeves. I changed into them and used a bit of fabric to braid my hair. Then i lied down under the thin blanket of my bed.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In the night i woke to footsteps outside my room. "What are you doing?...........What am i doing? Im checking on the newbie......................... Are you watching her sleep?............ Dont lie to me Longshot........... Fine, i was going to, too. But you have to admit it, the new girl is cute..........."
They couldnt tell that i was awake. I smiled for the first time that day and went back to sleep.

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