A Longshot at love

A Longshot at love

Yay! Another Avatar fanfic! As you can see, its about Longshot. You dont know who he is?!? He the best archer ever! Gosh! I will put a random Avatar pic in each of the chapters. Now onto the info!

Looks: Hair in her face, never smiles, brown hair to middle of back, freckles, blue eyes
Name: Ara
Acts: Rarely talks, mysterious, shy
History: No one knows where she came from.
Age: 12 [same as Longshot]
Other:Is a freedom fighter a forgotten one in the stories, uncomfortable around strange

Chapter 3

Something Strange

In the morning, i stretched as i got up. I brushed my hair and put it up in the bandana, my bangs staying in place, hiding my eyes. Then i put on my clothes and sighed. Shoot. Longshot still has the doll. I dont know why, but the doll seemed important to me. I frowned and walked outside. I saw that Jet and Longshot were sleeping on either side of my door. "Hey boys." They jumped, both blushing. Longshot put his hat on to hide his eyes as Jet ran his fingers through his hair.
"Heh heh, Hi Ara." I crossed my arms and tapped my foot. Im waiting. "Well, Longshot and i were....... On gaurd duty..... We do it with all new people for the first few days." Longshot was nodding so hard, his hat almost fell off. Whatever, lets just go get breakfast.
We all walked together to the pavillion. Breakfast was a blur, as usual. Then at the end of it, Jet stood up. "I have an announcment." He paused for a moment. "I have information of a Fire Nation camp not far from us. We're going to raid it." Everyone cheered, i was confused.
I looked at Smellerbee. "Well, thats what we do. Destroy the Fire Nation, because they destroyed everything we loved. Thats why Longshot doesnt talk anymore." I nodded, looking over at Longshot. He looked, sad. I looked back up at jet.
Am i going? He nodded. But i dont know how to fight He got down from the table and Sneers and Smellerbee started cleaning. "Arent you an archer, like Longshot?" I shrugged. "Well, give it a try, you already have the epuipment." I nodded.
After the table was cleared we all sat down again. "Ok, so heres the plan, we wait for a distraction of some sort." Jet looked at Pipsqueak and the Duke. They nodded. "Then we ambush them from the trees. They'll never suspect a thing. Its fool-proof." We all nodded and started leaving. Then Jet caught up to me. "You and Longshot will be in the trees, on either side of the camp. Ok?" I nodded and ran towards the others.
AFter we were all set up, the camp was just waking up. This doesnt seem right, just because they destroyed a town- And hurt innocent people- Still. They might not even want to do this. Their leader might-
Then i heard rustling in the bushes under me. I took out my bow and arrows and aimed them at the closest soldier. I thought it was Pipsqueak and the Duke, getting ready for the distraction, but when i saw to guys and a girl come out, i was surprised. I looked around and saw them on the other side of the clearing.
The soldiers started attacking the group of kids, then Jet nodded to us, saying that we had to start attacking anyways. I looked over at the others and we all nodded in agreement. I aimed again and shot. It hit a man in the shoulder, surprising him. He stumbled back from the girl.
She looked up to see where my arrow came from, but i was hidden too well. She went back to fighting. She- She moved water from a pouch. I watched her for a moment. The motions seemed familiar. But where have i seen them before?
I shook the feeling off, something it seems that i've been doing a lot of lately. I notched in three more arrows and shot at another man. Two missed, but one got his back. Not close enough. Gotta get a little lower. I hung upside down from my legs and shot another three arrows. They hit the back of one guy and he fell. So i can shoot arrows.
Most of the soldiers were lying dead already. Jet took care of the last one. I jumped down and landed beside the boy with a ponytail. He jumped, not expecting me.
"Hey, I'm Jet. These are my Freedom Fighters." He gestured to all of us. "Thats Smellerbee and Longshot, Pipsqueak and the Duke." Then the bald one went up to the Duke. "Heh heh, Pipsqueaks a funny name." "You think my names funny?" Pipsqueak looked like he was about pummel the boy. "Hilarious!' Pipsqueak and the Duke laughed with him. "Thats Sneers, and that is Ara."
I rubbed my arm, while they stared at me.
"Hi, Im Katara, this is Aang and my brother Sokka." We all nodded and headed back to the treehouse. I went up with Sneers. This time i wasnt as dizzy, but i still had to sit for a while. I went to my room and sat down.
I am so bored. I wonder whats in my bag. I found a dress there, i put it on to see what i looked like.
I looked like a girl. I took my bandana down and my hair dropped. I sighed. Ok, i definately look like a girl now. I decided to stay in these clothes for the day. Might as well. Not like we're gonna do anything today. Besides, i think i look good in dark blue.
I sat on my bed and took out my arrows. I shot them at the wall where the door was. After i used up all of my arrows i put them back in my quiver and lied on my bed.
"As the forest is silent, so am I.
At night i travel, As dark as the sky.
No one sees me, no one but you.
You understand me, and show me thin-"
"You have a nice voice." I sat up, blushing. The bald kid was at my door. "Sorry, i didnt mean to scare you, i was just listening and- Im Aang. Whats your name? I dont think i saw you down at the fire nation camp." I sighed and crossed my arms. "What?" I took the bandana and put my hair up. I looked at him annoyed.
"Oh, you're Ara. I thought you were a guy, but then again, i thought Smellerbee was a guy too." He was blushing. After a while of silence he slowly walked out. I sighed and took my bandana off. Jeez, that boy is kinda not smart. Wonder if they other two are like that?
I shook it off and went outside. The skirt on this dress was stretchy and wide, so i was able to be more flexible. I started climbing the nearest tree. I stopped when i couldnt see anything besides green. It was calming. I decided to use that time to think.
What happened to me before Jet had found me? Why cant i remember? Oh, why do i feel something bad had happened to me? And why do i feel that something bad is going to happen? Something very bad, to a Freedom fighter...
Then i saw a bright flash before my eyes and the scene in front of me changed. We were underground, Longshot, Smellerbee and i. Smellerbee was leaning over a body, crying. Longshot was crouching beside her, with his hand on her back. I walked over, i looked at the body, and it was Jet. Covered in blood with empty eyes.
I gasped and fell out of the tree. I grabbed onto a branch, but it was thin. I knew it wouldnt hold me for long. I tried swinging up onto it, but that made me lose my hold and i was left with hanging with one hand. I wanted to scream for help, but i felt like i couldnt.
I heard a crack and all of a sudden i was in the air. I remembered the rope in my backpack. I tied it to an arrow and shot the arrow up. I held onto the rope as i fell. Then the rope tightened and i started sliding down on the rope. MY hands burned, but i ignored it and held tighter until i stopped and i was hanging high above the pavillion.
I heaved a sigh and started sliding down again. Gosh, that was close. Hope that doesnt happen again. What was that? I got to the end of the rope and i was a few feet above the table. I jumped off of the rope and did a somersault in the air. I landed at the edge of the table.
"Bravo." I turned and saw Jet. My sudden twist got me off balance and i fell. I closed my eyes and waited for impact, but i realized that nothing was happening. I opened my eyes and saw an amused Jet. "How can you make a landing as perfect as that, and still be so clumsy?" I blushed as he stood me straight.
Where is everybody? "They're down on the surface, practicing." I nodded and walked towards my room. "Wanna come with me? I was about to go down too." I sighed and turned. I nodded, he smiled.
"Great, lets go." He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the edge of the platform. I tryed to claw his hand off of me, but he was too strong. He pulled me off the platform and jumped. There was nothing i could do now but hold onto him for dear life.
We're gonna die! We're gonna die! We're gonna freakin' die! He laughed at my expression. Then we slid on some over-sized leaves and landed on the ground. I collapsed in relief. Thank god! Solid ground! He laughed and held out his hand.
"We better get going. The others are waiting down at the river." I nodded and he helped me up.

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