The dark horible sad tale of Sammy

I Wrote this first In a chapter in a story called last of life. my friend Nero_the_wolf is the creater of that story. Its verry good.

well any ways I like my story so much, that I'm gonna post my part on my own story so all my friend can read it if they want. enjoy.

Chapter 1

The dark horible sad tale of Sammy

Hi my name is Sammy and this is my horrible dark tale of sadness and pain. I have been threw much in my short life but nothing compares to this. I rember It like it was just yesterday.

~day one of sadness~
I woke up like any normal day, stretched, took a bath, ate breakfast, the used my litter box. After that I desided to check on my humans. The tall one they refered to as dad was staring at a paper. the one called mom was makeing breakfast, and Alex & Nicky was playing x box in the living room. I walked around some more and found a sun spot. i sat down, culed up, and fell asleep it was so warm. I napped untilI was awaked by the human's kitten named kelly. She was so loud. ugh. It hurts my pointy little ears even thinking about it. latter Alex and Nicky walked out side into the unknown and this big long yellowish orange creature came by and ate them! Dad left soon after in a grey monster. Mom and kelly left too. Finialy some peace and quiet. I napped some more. suddenly The door flung open. I was mom. and she was sad. kelly died today at the babysiters for unknown reasons. Even though I didn't like her I was still a tad sad. I rubed up against mom to say its ok u still got me. latter dad and the boys came home as normal. and the rest of the day was normal.

~day two of madness~
Today is saturday witch means no yellowish orange monster. normal morning exept more sad and no crying. RING RING RING. Alex runs to the noise faster than a cheeta and almost runs into me. I move out of the way into the room next to it and peek my head out from the side of the wall so I can see whats going on. Alex picks up this blackish rectangle and talks into it. He gets exited and runs to dad. "Dad can Me and nicky go over to victor's house" said Alex. Dad said yea and they left. what to do for the day. I walked around the house, napped and at luched begged for some ham that mom was gonna eat for lunch. she didn't give me any. :( later the boys came home and something seemed weird about them. alex threw up and nicky sneezed and coughed alot. Up to there rooms mom sent them. I was worried. verry worried. I spent most of my day keeping them company.

~day three of pain~
They got worse. Mom feed them many medications but It didn't seem to work. I was verry sad.

~the horible day of day four~
Alex is dead and I'm worried about nicky's condition. He threws up every hour and coughs and sneezes constintly. Hes also verry weak looking. I will contiue to do all I can to help.

~day Six. The dark day~
Nicky Is dead. I'd give at lest six of my nine live to bring him back to life but I can't. i just can't. I miss my old life. I miss them but I must not forget there with the almighty creater now.

~day eight~
Dad dies of same virus. All thats left is mom and me. How can I keep liveing when All I know is almost gone. I miss them all. I cry my self to sleep that night.

~day ten~
I was awaked by the sound of a loud bang. Mom was so sad, she killed her self. She layed on the hard wooden floor cold and lifeless. NOOO!!! Eveybody is dead. All I know is gone. My life is no longer the same. How can I a eveyday house cat live out there on my own with nobody? How can I go on? Why oh why did this have to happen to me? curses. The unluckyness of the black cat is true. I excape out an open window. Cross the road full of monsters of many colors. Luckaly I didn't get eaten or hit by one. I walk on till I find it hard to walk but even then I walk on. I colapse. I'm too sad and tired. I sleep for what seems like days.

~day eleven. The day of lonelyness~
I get up and continue forward. My belly growls. I hunt down a mouse to eat. If I was home I would just have my food given to me but theres no turning back. I couldn't even if I wanted to any ways. I find a cave to sleep in but get chased out. It belongs to wolfs. No matter how much I hiss they won't share the cave. the leaed of the pack chases me away.

~day twelve. The curent day.~
I walk and walk and walk. I end up near a road again. This human finds me catches me and throws me into the belly of a road monster. It moved verry fast. Soon I find my self at a house. The monster throws me up and the human picks me up. I try to fight him, I try to excape but I can't. He brings me inside the house. There cages evey where with cat and dogs imprisoned in them. I have a bad feeling about this. The human throws me in. I skid across the floor and hit the back wall. ouch! I get up on my feet and look around. What kind of place is this.

THE END or is it?


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