Crying here---Poem

Crying here---Poem

This is my first poem I've ever did and It'll probably stink anddoesn't rhyme,but I'm really,really sad right now because my hamster died,but he wasn't only my beloved pet,he was also my friend,and I really miss him so I wrote this poem,I couln't think of a better title,please comment and tell me what you think.

Chapter 1

Crying here

Sitting here crying inside, because your gone
I really really loved you in every way
It's been a great almost 2 years,I've had with you
But now,I sit here sad as can be
Just figured out today you're gone
Now you rest in peace,in that wondeful place in the sky
I hope god takes very good care of you and loves you like I did
I miss you with all my heart,I won't get over it easily
I'll never forget you Goth,you were the best
You deserve you rest,but now you leave me here crying
Wishing I could rewind time,and bring you back
I know it'll never happen,but I just wish it would
Enjoy,your life in heaven now,I'll be there someday too

---Goth January 29 2008- Dec.5 2010
beloved hamster and friend R.I.P


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