Lost Twins in Time

Lost Twins in Time

Two sisters. Different worlds. Not knowing who they are or what they're destined to be. One sent to Ancient Greece, the other to the far north of what we now call Canada. Both leading different lives. Who knows what could happen.

Chapter 1

A new beginning

"What is it, Ts'ana Di'it?" "A child, up on the mountains. Hurry. We must go, before she dies of our harsh weather." The Shawwoman and her assistant ran to the mountains. Hoping they wont be too late.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Far away in Tiem [Tee-em]. Two people, a man and woman, both hooded so no one could see their face, run away from explosions behind them. "Hurry, we must get Daphne and Sadie away. Until we overcome this," Another explosion. "And it is safe for them to be here. Hurry, Morgan." "Yes, Lily. I am coming." They had two babies in their hands. They opened two different prtals and sent the children in. Then the portals closed. The woman shed a tear. "Good luck my children, in the world of Earth." They then ran back to help defend.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The two Inuit women ran up in the harsh blizzard, the northern lights leading the way. "Are you sure that the baby is here?" "Do you question a holy person, Mu'ran Ro'o?" "No, never." "Look, over there." The young woman pointed to a dark bundle under a shelter of rocks.
The two women ran over to it and the older of the two, Ts'ana Di'it picked it up gently. "Young child, you will do great things when you become of age. I will name you Dzogya Mer'dit, Child of the Northern Lights."
They walked back in the now calm night air.
14 years later
"Ts'ana Di'it. May i go and play with the other children?" "No, Dzogya Mer'dit, you must stay and help heal." "Bu-" "No, you will need this in the future. Trust me." I sighed. She always said this.
I took my seal skin parka off and went over to Goru laying on the table. He was my age, the best warrior in the tribe. He was to marry the cheifs daughter. Right now, he had a wound from the recent war between our tribe and the southern one.
"Oh, Goru, when will you learn. You must use defence as well as offence." I was also a very good warrior, but i am a girl. It is not my place to fight. It is my place to stay and do everything else.
"Well, i guess i need to listen next time." He was lying on the caribou skin cot made for the hurt. He lifted his hand to touch my cheek, but it hurt him. "Goru, stay still, i cannot heal your arm when you move."
See, he loved me, and i loved him, but he was already engaged. He and the cheifs daughter, Waro'on Dzem, were to be married next year. "Why do you not come fight with us? You are more a warrior than me." "It is not my duty to fight, it is yours. A womans duty is to heal and find food. And cook and clean. Nothing more."
He sighed as i bandaged his shoulder and arm. "Ts'ana Di'it? Where is the devils club? I need to make Goru tea." "Its back here." "Stay." "Do i have a choice?" We laughed and i went into the cave where my old mentor stayed most days.
"How are you, Ts'ana Di'it?" "Good, my dau- Dzogya Mer'dit i must tell you something." "What is it?" "You are not from here?" "What? Are you joking with me again? It is not funny." I picked up the devils club and ground it into small leaves. "No, i am not joking, Dzogya Mer'dit." "Yes, well i have to heal Goru. I will be back."
I left the room and went and made a fire. "How is Ts'ana Di'it?" "Fine. But i think she may be getting a bit senile." "Sad. She was a good Shawwoman." "Yes, Mu'ran Ro'o is the next one." "Where is she, anyways?" "She is gathering more herbs." "Oh." I heard him walking over. I started boiling some snow so it would turn to water and i could make tea.
"You should get back in bed. There is still a spearhead in your ankle." He put his arms around my waist from behind. "I know you will take care of me. You always do."
I turned and stood, pushing him off. "No, Goru, you are engaged." "But i am not married yet." Then he clutched his side. "Get back in bed. I will make you tea to make you feel better.
After the tea was finished, i gave him some and i gave some to myself. I was feeling dizzy. The spirits were talking to me. They said "You will go on a journey to find your family. Save your world and rule with yourself by your side." It confused me.
"Im going out. Stay here, Goru. Tell Ts'ana Di'it that i am leaving for the night if she comes out." He nodded and i packed a seal skin pack with everything i was going to need. Then i left, pulling the hood of my parka over my head.
I went out into the night, hoping i would know what i was looking for when i found it. I traveled most of the night and nothing.
I sighed and started walking back. "Oh, spirits! Tell me what you want me to do! I dont understand what you have told me! Tell me what it means!" Then i heard a whispered giggle. I looked around and saw a small white blur going from tree to tree.
It stopped and i saw a small child. It giggled at the sight of me. I have no idea why though. "Who are you?" "We cant tell you what it means. You have to figure that out yourself." "But how?" "Thats the fun part." Then the small child dissapeared and i was left in the snow.
I decided to make camp in the clearing. I pitched a deer skin tent and layed down some different skins for sleeping on. Then i prayed to the spirits that i would understand my destiny soon and layed down to sleep. What did they mean. The strangest part was when they said that i would rule with myself at my side. How is that possible? Then i fell asleep as the moon was at its highest.

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