This is NOT a love story (umm i take that back. This is an adventure story but i like writing love storys so ya. dont worry it wont be like really kissy or anything. just barely).
name: Olympia Gold
Age: 17
you look like girl in pic

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Chapter 1


There was sweat dribbling down my face. I ran faster and faster until i could no longer push myself any farther. I glanced behind me, only to find that they were closer than before. I have to make it I thought to myself, as I looked in front of me again. There words rang in my head, as if they were being repeated a million times, over and over. Olympia, your time is up. You need to come with us he said this as I glanced over at my mothers lifeless body, shedding my final tear. I pushed the memory far into the back of my mind. What did they mean my time was up? By any means my life has only just begun! I mean i just turned 17 and got a car. Its awsome! But not anymore.

I glanced back one more time, to find that they were slowing down. Were they giving up? I didnt stop running, even though they kept on getting farther and farther back. when I looked ahead I saw why. My mothers last words to me had been Run till you cant run anymore. Get to the safe place. You'll know what your looking for she had said, and then the life had vanished from her eyes. I shook my head, and looked ahead again. There was an area that looked almost like a campground. When I neared the area close to what seemed to be the main building. I walked up to the door, and listened before i knocked.

She should be here soon, young one. We must be patient said an old and humble voice. Were they talking about me? I didnt want to know the answer so I knocked, and heard a chair move against the door. A man that looked about the age of 40 opened the door. He was tall and muscualr. "Welcome" he said simply, moving so i could shuffle thru the door. "Where am I" I asked, gazing around curiously. "Why you are at Hero camp! (sorry about the gay name. I couldnt think of anything else. If you have an idea leave it in the comments)" he said, spreading his arms wide. "What do you mean?" i asked, looking at him confused. What was his problem? What is he talking about? "Your mother never told you?" he asked, looking confused, but trying to hide it (not very well). "No. She was murdered, and told me to come here" I said, hanging my head, and hholding my hands beind my back. "Well i am very sorry about that" he said looking away. "Adam, why dont you come out here?" he called slightly. A boy with medium brown hair (perfect for flipping. my fav :) walked out of a room on the oppostie side of the room we were in. "Olympia, this is Adam. He will be escorting you and showing you around" the man said. Adam smiled. I blushed and couldnt help but smile back. I shook his outstreched hand. "Well Olympia,I think its time I tell you why your here" I nodded yes, and Adam left the room. I didnt really want him to leave, but oh well.

"You are no regular girl, Olympia. Your parents were the 2 best heros in all of our history-" "But what did they do?" i interuptted, curious. "I was getting there" he said, with a small chuckle. "They had powers. and you are destined to be the greatest hero our world will ever see. I understand you do not yet have your powers, but they will soon come." he said. "but how do i know what my powers are?" I asked. I couldnt believe that I actually believed him. "You'll learn when the time is right" and with that, he turned and walked out of the room, through a wall. well that was creepy i thought to myself, only i hadn't known someone was intruding. "I know" Adam said. I jumped a little and took a step back. "Oh, sorry. didn't mean to scare you" he said with his heart breaking smile.

"No its ok. But how did you hear that? I didn't even say it outloud" I asked. "Oh, I can read peoples minds." he said, shrugging his shoulders like it was nothing. "What else can you do?" I asked, kinda excited that this really was real. "I can rearrange my molecules" he said. He focused for a minute then said "Touch me". I poked him in the arm and my hand wen right thru. I pulled back in surprised and he surpressed a laugh. He focused again and then said "Now touch me" I balled my hand into a fist thinking that it would go right thru, but my hand hit hard and it felt like i had punched a rock. "Ow" i said, shaking my hand. If it hadnt been for him gripping the chair, i think he would've feel over laughing right there

"Well lets show you around" he said, recomposing himself and tkaing my hand in his. We walked out the door and i swear we were in a diferent place. All i could see were beautiful buildings, each looked as if it was a house designed specifiacally for its owner. "Wow" i breathed. "I know" he said, smiling slightly at my awe. "Lets go" he said, and pulled me along the uneven path.

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